You know, if the game on my iPad never does get restored, that might not be such an issue after all. I could always start over completely.

Except I would simply create a brand new game separate from the one on my phone. And the plan I have if I do end up doing that is pretty cool, if I say so myself.

What if all the students I created were everyone’s MCs? Like, the actual main character of the game would be someone completely new, but aside from him/her and the canon characters, all of the students I put into the school will consist of people like Enn, Kelsey, Bianca, Carlotta, Opal, Amelia, Malynda, Becca, Quinn, Rachel, Paige, Violet, Zaneeta, Yin, Alice, Stefany, Kea, Danica, Trinity, Olivia, etc.

I’ll even put these guys together with their significant others (Yes, even if you’re dating Wes or one of the other characters, I’ll just make a bunch of clones so I won’t have to constantly break people up).

If you’re into this idea, then reblog and add a pic of your MC, along with his/her name, clique, S.O., and anything else you find important! Or, if you can’t do that, then you can simply make a separate post and tag me in it.