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Selena Gomez interview with Zane Lowe
About Taylor's new album
Selena Gomez interview with Zane Lowe

Zane: There’s a lot of great records coming out this year… man have you heard the Taylor album? Is it good? What can we expect? Is it incredible?

Selena: […laughing at “is it good” question…] By the way, would you expect any less? Are you kidding me? It’s honestly so inspiring, it’s really cool to surround yourself with people and be involved with people who are aspiring and changing the way that they dictate what they love, whether it’s acting or music… and she’s one of those people who will continue to do that.

Zane: Did she play it to you? Did she take your side and go ‘check this out’?

Selena: Yeah, yeah, for sure! Of course, I mean… I obviously love her so much, I want her to do what she does and she’s killin’ it and it’s everything you would want and more, so… I’m very proud. And obviously - major fan.

Zac : I feel really accomplished and thankful for them bringing me back in the band, and also the stage of my life to even care about that, because when I was younger I was just kinda like ‘cool I play drums’, and I’m a kid, I want to  get fat and eat pizza and I did that and I accomplished that really well…

Zane : Let’s get fat together one day my friend.

Zac : Oh man, I’m back in the band, so it’s just a matter of time.


hey Zane, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to speak directly about our favorite Paramore album. let’s do this again some time.


7 days, 6 nights. Multiple pop tarts. A rat named peter. Elton did it. He raised $188275 for spcaLA and the relief team in Houston. He did that in one week with over 7 million people watching him. Most importantly, he did it for Sparta.


Paramore and Zane Lowe on Beats 1


Many of the remaining Initiative staff and cadets are not thrilled with Norman Osborn taking control of the Initiative program and putting the supervillains into training. Nonstop (Madeline Michaels) was one of the cadets who tried to run away after she exposed the supervillain, Boomerang/Outback (Fred Myers in a different costume and codename) for his crimes. However, she was caught by her teammates until Prodigy (Ritchie Gilmore of the Slingers) got fed up and defied Osborn’s Initiative by punching Boomerang in front of the news cameras and declares that he, Nonstop and Telemetry decide to leave the Initiative. 

- Avengers: the Initiative v1 #28, 2009

Coming in 2018 ...

There may be a couple of months left in 2017, but we’re already looking at 2018. So, how about a sneak peek at our first three titles for the upcoming  year?

In January, Zane Riley returns with the third and final chapter of his beloved Go Your Own Way series, When It’s TimeAfter overcoming obstacles to come together in high school, Will Osborne and Lennox McAvoy now face the challenges of a long-distance relationship. As Lennox embraces his promising new life and rediscovers old family, Will searches for a future of his own that won’t tear them apart.

February features the debut writing team Tom Wilinsky & Jen Sternick with the contemporary romantic YA, SnowsistersHigh school students—Soph, who attends private school in Manhattan, and Tess, a public school student who lives on a farm in New Hampshire—are thrown together as roommates at a writing conference and discover unexpected truths and about friendship, their craft, and how to open their hearts to love. From Duet Books.

In March, Taylor Brooke’s Camellia Clock Cycle continues with Curved Horizon: Picking up a few weeks after the conclusion of Fortitude Smashed. Daisy and Chelsea try find a way to transform their friendship into something more, while Shannon and Aiden celebrate their one-year anniversary and deal with a horrific accident that puts Shannon’s life at risk. 

Stay tuned as we unveil more titles, including debuts, series, and sequels—and a few cover reveals!

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⚫[ “ it’s like I got this music in my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright. I’m just gonna shake it off „ ] #lyrics
⚫[ shake it off by Taylor Swift ]
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I have a storytime for you today :)

So about 6 months ago, this guy that I was like in love with broke my heart and it basically tore me apart when we went our separate ways. it took me 4 months to get over him.

But if it weren’t for the happiness and positivity you put out into the world every day and the amazing music that you create that so many people can relate to, I STILL wouldn’t be over him.

I’ve loved your music for such a long time, but this is the most memorable experience I’ve had with it.

This is a picture of me now :)) I’m so happy, so free, and so content with my life right now, and it’s all because of my amazing supportive group of friends, my mom, and of course, you.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and all of the swifties out there. you continue to impact our lives every. single. day.


- Zane <3

(y’all pls reblog so taylor can see because I really want her to know how much she means to me)

The Princess & the DJ

“Zane Taylor?”

Zane had been conversing with his girlfriend, Fionna and her friends before he stopped and turned his head. Recognition was registered on his features, his eyes widening, his mouth open and nostrils flared as he broke out into a huge smile and laughed in astonishment at who had called his name.

“Brooke SinClair! At least that’s who I think it is. I don’t know, we haven’t talked in so long,” He joked as he stepped forward, his arms open invitingly for the tall, slender woman who stood before him.

Brooke’s long extensions fell at her waist in wavy curls, her outfit outdoing nearly everyone’s at the A-List party, a dazzling gold dress, covered in crystals that could blind a pilot. She wore rock-sized diamond earrings on her lobes, wore custom Guiseppe Zanotti heels on her feet, complete with a matching clutch bag in hand, carried by her perfectly manicured fingernails. She held a champagne glass in the other hand, her pinky promptly up. 

“Zane, now you know I don’t do hugs,” She stepped back and pointed a finger at him accusingly, raising her sculpted brow at him. “Air kisses only.”

Zane sighed, dropping his arms defeatedly.

“Fine,” He rolled his eyes playfully then leaned forward. He almost touched his cheek to hers, though an inch remained between them as they both kissed the air, then switched sides. 

Brooke pulled back contently, playing with a strand of her hair as she looked up at the popstar.

“That’s better,” She said, giving him a genuine smile which was quite unusual for her. She looked behind Zane, her eyes landing on Fionna, giving her one of those quick, “hi, you’re not that important but we’re making eye contact so here”, type smiles. She knew who the blonde was, but was wondering why such a low caliber “celebrity” was at a party of this status. She figured she was Zane’s plus one.

Zane looked back behind her, his hands shoved into the pocket of his suit before he realized he should probably introduce her to everyone.

“Oh! Here, Brooke meet–”

“Wait, give me a sec,” She held up the hand her clutch was in to stop him before she walked around him and up to an unfamiliar guy, handing him her glass. She then opened her clutch and retrieved a hundred dollar bill from it, holding it out between two of her long, tanned fingertips. “I’m sick of this cheap shit. Just get me something on the rocks. No cheaper than $300 and I will be able to tell.