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This photo on Madison’s Twitter just made my night! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before! She has Seth down, and I’m pretty sure that Jesse is just as sexy as Eiza.😂 it’s not at all shocking that Brandon is a little Zane. I love them!

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adding on to that eiza and zane interview do you know any other funny interviews with them two because they’re really funny but they don’t have many together :(

Gosh, they really don’t have many interviews together, it’s such a shame! The ones I have seen are all on youtube and they are old, so you probably have seen them as well, but in case you haven’t, here is a list:

Eiza Gonzalez and Zane Holtz of From Dusk Till Dawn at NYCC - not really funny, but! 15 min. goodness of just Eiza and Zane.

From Dusk Till Dawn - Zane Holtz and Eiza González Interview (NYCC 2015) - I love this one because the journalist said they had the best partnership on the show, lol. Also some great points about the richiekisa relationship and Zane and Eiza laughing together <3.

Cast of “From Dusk till Dawn” at the 40th Annual #SaturnAwards - so so fun, the reporter asks them who would in a fight and Zane and DJ answer Brandon, and Eiza is like, “no, I would win, I would win”, and Zane is like, “we are not talking about Santanico…” and Eiza, “then I would lose”, looool. Plus, their eyebrows’ moves around 2:20 while DJ is speaking are the best, and Eiza saying “what he does is so twisted” @3:40, haha.

Eiza González “I’m the creepiest looking one.” | From Dusk Till Dawn - necessary watch for everyone!! Eiza, Zane and DJ, with Zane being the biggest geek. Fave moments @ 1:37 “stop looking at me” and “you won” @ 4:55.

Exclusive - The cast of El Rey’s From Dusk Till Dawn at the Saturn Awards Red Carpet - Eiza talking about Zane’s karaoke abilities @ 3:04, “he is mediocre but he is getting there”, lol. 

“From Dusk Till Dawn” Cast at NYCC Behind the Velvet Rope with Arthur Kade - Zane and Eiza’s part, together with Brandon Soo Hoo, starts @ 2:30, Zane saying “I didn’t even pay attention to who you were interviewing” and Eiza’s face was hilarious.

From Dusk Till Dawn Twitch Booth NYCC - interview with the whole cast, not much Eiza and Zane interaction though (but their questions are right at the beginning, so you don’t have to watch the whole thing, lol).

‘From Dusk till Dawn’ cast talk show’s sex and vampires - Eiza, Zane and DJ interview - but the interviewer here is really bad, ugh.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Interview with Zane Holtz, D.J. Cotrona and more - cast interview with Zane, Eiza, DJ and Wilmer, not a lot of interaction, but it’s still fun towards the end when they talk about vampires nowadays versus the show.

ATX Festival Q&A: From Dusk Till Dawn (2015) - more of a cast interview, but they look so pretty here! and there’s a nice moment around 3:32 when Eiza says that “in real life women always call the shots”, lol.  

Conversations with From Dusk Till Dawn - Zane talks about their chemistry test around the 5min mark, and Eiza talks about working with Zane @12:48 and a funny moment towards the end when Eiza claims she is working on getting a green card (@ 40:20).

not an interview, but this 5 second instagram video of the two of them is everything.

and, for everyone who hasn’t seen, the one that started this conversation, Eiza Gonzalez & Zane Holtz NYCC 2015 From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

I think that’s all. If I find any other hidden gems, I’ll add to this list :)