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Why do I get the feeling that Heath is getting unmotivated to make YouTube videos? He stated in one of Zane's vlogs that Zane hardly even makes money from his vids nowadays because of some changes with ad rates / YouTube policy. That's kinda worrying because Zane has double of Heath's views and subs! He also mentioned in Toddy's recent vlog that if YouTube stays the way it is, he'll have to find something else to do. Your thoughts?

Heath and so many other youtubers have every right to be unmotivated, because they’re putting in so much time and effort for little to no reward. it’s not that they don’t want to make videos, but why work if you’re not getting paid? Youtube is royally screwing over most of their creators and it’s awful…i hope it all gets figured out soon, but if it doesn’t they may have to get side jobs

Past & Presents: Day 4

Yours & Mine

Zane put the last dish away, dried his hands, and shut off the kitchen light. The living room was anything but dark, though, with the ambient light from the crackling fire and the colored lights on the tree. It made for a pretty picture, one Zane would never have expected to have: a home for the holidays with his lover and nothing hanging over his head. It was an incredible feeling.

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