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Bruno and Zane Lowe on Beats 1! Full interview!

Lana Del Rey talks about Unreleased tracks:

Lana: I definitely have song I’ve writen that I don’t like or I don’t really feel fit with the kind of gerne of the record that I am working within so I think about that. I usually write a lot of songs but if they don’t really fit with the tone of the record they just get left out.

Interviewer: Where do these songs go?

Lana: They stay in Rick’s studio I guess

Interviewer: Do you like to go back and revisit these songs?

Lana: No, I don’t like it.

Interviewer: I think is something unrequited and cool about that you can put all this love and energy into a song and let it go, that’s kind of cool in a strange way.

Lana: Yes, sometimes I think for years, I feel it was wasted time. But now it’s easier to let them go.

Interviewer: How would you feel if people discovered these songs after you are gone?

Lana: With the other ones? I wouldn’t be happy, I don’t like it. I have to find a way virtually to eradicate them.

Interviewer: You couldn’t destroy them, could you go that far to sit with Rick in studio and say Delete the files?

Lana: I would but I know Rick couldn’t, he is definitely more sentimental.

anonymous asked:

I thought Zane Lowe interview was one the best interviews she had regarding her music. But a sit down interview w/ Oprah would be an in depth look into Taylor the person. Something you really never get. Would she share? That's debatable. Although, I thought the Vogue UK interview in 2014 provided a closer look into Taylor. Bc You have to admit most of her magazine interviews start sounding redundant. But I guess it's to keep a consistent message.

i think oprah would be amazing, and maybe thats something we see later on, a few years from now, maybe more as a reflection? at some point? over what it has been like to be taylor swift? As for the interviews i think they do start to sound a little repeated, but the best ones are usually at the beginning of the promo season with the better interviers (like RS) when it’s new stuff and she’s kind of feeling the waters out on how to reply? then after that the talking points sort of stick as far as what maybe she thought worked and didnt work. Which is normal and we would expect and see with most anyone doing a press tour, really. There are only so many new questions people can ask within the realm of what they’re allowed to ask so that speaks to the redundancy. Ofc Zane was at the end of the 1989 era, but also different as i think it was more of a reflective interview on the tour and era than an interview about what-are-these-songs-about-and-where-are-you-in-your-life-and-how-does-that-relate-to-your-music interview which is what they are at the beginning.