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Death of a Bachelor

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m writing fic again so hi, have some Klaine AU happenings based on The Bachelor!

Rated PG… for now. Butts later.

Chapter 1

“You did what?”

“Come on, Blainey Squirt boy. It’ll be fun!”

Blaine grimaced as his older brother rambled into his ear over the phone. Every week they tried to set up at least one time and day to chat and stay in touch with each other’s lives, but Cooper, as always, had derailed that. It was six o’clock on a Thursday morning—Blaine’s one day off this week.

“Look, I had a blast when I was on The Bachelorette. Made a lot of friends, got to go all over the place on really fancy dates. It was great for my image, too. That’s how I got the recurring spot on The Young and the Restless. They’re talking about making me a regular!”

“Didn’t they kill you off last month?”

“That’s not the point. Everyone comes back to life on those shows.”

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I was wondering if you could talk about The Phoenix and any Olicity children in the future, if it's not too spoilery (since she's already pregnant)? Your answer to that Firebird ask about Olicity babies destroyed me. I love your replies almost as much as I love your stories!

Actually, it’s something that’s been in my head since I wrote The Phoenix.

Oliver and Felicity, in The Phoenix verse, have two sons and one daughter.

Zachary, Zane, and Zoe.

Felicity’s three little Z’s; Oliver’s perfect trinity - with his precious little angel protected right between her two brothers, who tease her mercilessly but dote upon her.

Zachary - who’s most like their father. He’s got eerie instincts, protectiveness and a silent brand of affection only very few can get out of him, mostly his sister. Even as a baby, he’d been quiet, observant and least reactive to impulses. He’s also the most deceptively stubborn of the three. Always ten steps ahead of everyone around him, he grows up to become one sexy, lethal package of a man you don’t want on your wrong side.

Zane - he has something inside him that he’s never been able to convey to his parents. On the face of it, he’s a goof, the most playful, the one who makes Felicity pull out her hair with his pranks, the one who’s had most “talks” with his father. On the inside, something else roils. Something only his sister knows about. Something he made her promise to never tell anyone. He’s brash and impulsive and always has a smile, even when he cuts you open for hurting the people he loves.

Zoe - she’s the most complex and yet most serene of them all. She’s the one everyone talks to, the one who holds all of their many secrets inside her - none of them her own - and keeping them for so long eats away at her. She knows she’s her dad’s favorite (even though he’d never admit it out loud) and knows her mom dotes upon her; she has Uncle Digg and Roy wrapped around her little fingers and Aunt Thea teaching her how to kick ass in high heels. And she’s got her brothers - her beautiful brothers who’d lay their lives down for her without missing a beat and bring her the moon if she asked.

These three hellions Oliver and Felicity somehow raise into good humans in a bad world. Despite the dark world they live in, the kids have always known they’re loved. As parents, Oliver and Felicity as always given their children the freedom to choose how deeply they want to be involved in the Bratva, if at all.

Zach chooses to be completely involved. With his silent, dangerous demeanor, he trains himself to take over his father’s place and become even more powerful. Zane, on the other hand, chooses to take over Felicity’s little software business and transforms it into an empire unrivaled. And Zoe, precious Zoe, starts working with the women who’ve been affected by the monsters in their world since a young age. She works with them and helps them build new lives from the scratch.

It is then when they’re all more or less settled into their lives, their family, their everything when Zoe meets him.

With a body bigger than any man’s she’s ever seen (and she’s been around big men her whole life), with the rough hands of a fighter and the honed form of a weapon, he hooks her. But it is his eyes - utterly dark, terrifyingly cold, bottomless pits of secrets, secrets she wants to know - and that jagged scar at the corner of his lips that pulls one side of his mouth into a permanent scary frown that scares the shit out of people, that reel her in.

It is then that Zoe - the precious daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak-Queen, the beloved sister of Zachary Queen and Zane Queen, the princess of Bratva for all intents and purposes - meets Raze, the secret bastard son of Ilyich.

And stuff happens.

Art by @upthehillart
I was looking through her dramione art and was inspired to write this Drabble off this picture.

Hermione Malfoy the new head of the ministry of magic

Flashback to year six in Hogwarts:
Since Hermione caught Ron cheating on her with Lavender Brown after a quidditch match. She has been spending even more time in the library because Ron and lavender keep snogging in the common room. Hermione is in the library she sees Draco sitting alone at a table everyday. One day she couldn’t take it anymore her curiosity getting the better of her. She goes over to the table and sits down interrupting Draco from staring out the window. “ Go away Granger.”

Hermione doesn’t move “ No we’ve come to some sort of a silent agreement after I punched you in third year you don’t call me mudblood anymore and I start being relatively nice to you.”

Draco nods but still doesn’t look at her “ Go away.”

Hermione not moving but looks around the part of the library there in is empty. “I’m still not leaving talk to me I’m the only one in this school who stands up to you and you like that. I saw you in potions the other day you looked completely out of it but my voice brought you back.”

Draco looks around its true her voice brought him out of his thinking “ Not here astronomy tower after curfew.”


After curfew Hermione slipped out of Gryffindor tower and sneaks up to the astronomy tower. She sees Draco looking out into the cold winter night. “ You came.”

Hermione walks up to him “ Your my friend and I want answers.”

Draco looks over at her she’s just in a pair of jeans and a sweater. They have been friends since the summer after she punched him. It’s like everything clicked after that he realized he had been a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach especially to her. When in reality he had feelings for her. One summer afternoon Hermione was in her room when an owl appeared outside her window she lets the owl on and there’s a note: Hermione I’m sorry for being extremely cruel and a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach to you. It’s just we were brought up so differently I was brought up to hate what you are when in reality I quite admire. Your just as smart as i am and your the only person in Hogwarts who I like. Plus nobody has ever punched me in the face before. Draco.

“ What do want to know?”

Hermione moved her hand over his on the railing. “What’s wrong with you why are you paler than usual, your not eating, you look distracted all the time your always alone?”

Draco looks down at her hand on his he likes that she’s noticed a change in him she’s the only one who has noticed. “ I have to do something but I can’t and it’s tearing me apart.”

Hermione looks over at him “ What do you have to do I’ll help you.”

Draco shakes his head and moves from the railing “ I can’t tell you. How do I know your not telling Potter all this?”

Hermione goes over to him “ I haven’t told anyone about our friendship and your lucky I didn’t tell anyone because Harry would of done a lot worse than just used Sectumsempra on you he might of actually killed you. Your so lucky I was walking past the bathroom when you two were fighting. I heard two people but hid when Harry came out I waited for the other person but when nobody came out I went in and there you were bleeding. I was so scared for you.”

Draco wipes a tear rolling down her face “ He’s going to kill if I don’t do this.”

Hermione brings Draco to the steps and turns to him she knows exactly who ‘He’ is. “He Draco please don’t tell me your with him. What is he making you do?”

Draco turns to her and rolls up his sleeve and shows her the dark mark on his arm
“ I had to there was no other way I have to kill Dumbledore he’s going to kill me if I don’t.”

Hermione puts her head on his shoulder “We will find a way around this I can’t loose you your the only person in this school who actually understands me both in knowledge and you know what I’m saying in just a look.”


The next school year Hermione is with Harry and Ron finding horcruxes every night after Hermione made sure they were asleep she would apparate to where Draco was. They would talk he told her what was going on, on his side she told him what was going on, on her side. They never told anyone else that they had secret meeting with each other.

At the battle of Hogwarts when Draco’s parents called him over Hermione was by his side she had her fingers entwined with his she whispers to him “ I’ll go with you.”

Draco looked at her they both have dirt on there faces her lip is cut and she has a couple small cuts on her forehead to him she still looks beautiful. He wants to keep her safe and with him. Then he looks at his parents Lucius is holding out his arm to come join them Narcissa is saying Draco come. He has two options stay and fight Voldemort and possible die or go with his mom he knows she just wants to keep him safe and alive. “ Do you trust me?”

Hermione looks up at him and squeezes his hand “ Of course.”

Draco looks down at her and runs his thumb over her cheek to get some of the dirt off her. “ I promise I will keep you safe.”

Hermione nods. Draco squeezes her hand and walks towards his parents with Hermione at his side. Hermione doesn’t look at anyone while she’s walking with Draco. Voldemort hugged Draco but not her. When they got to his parents Narcissa saw how her son and this girl were holding hands and saw how when they called Draco her son and this girl had a conversation before coming to them. She takes the two teenagers and they leave the battle.

Tonight is the third biggest night of Hermione Malfoy’s life. The first was when she married her husband and the second was when she gave birth to their four children the fourth being born only nine months ago. Tonight she is being named the minister of magic. She’s putting her black heels on with a red dress while her husband Draco Malfoy uses his wand to get the wrinkles out of his black suit. “ Draco can you tell Scorpius and Anya it’s time to get ready then dress Zane and Alexander while I finish up.”

Draco goes into his older sons room first and sees his five year old son who looks like a mini Draco and his twin sister Anya who looks like a mini Hermione with blonde hair playing with their toys on the floor of his bedroom. “ Scorpius, Anya time to get ready.”

Scorpius and Anya both look up at there father. “ Pick up your toys then Anya go to your room and pick out what you want to wear. Scorpius do the same while I have to get your brothers dressed.”

The twins nod and do what there told. Draco goes to his two youngest sons room they were born nine months apart from each other. He dresses both the nine month old and the one year old in suits. He puts them back in there cribs. Then goes to check on the twins he goes back to Scorpius’s room first who is just laying on his back on his bed. “ Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

Scorpius looks over at his dad in the doorway “ I have nothing to wear.”

Draco comes over to his oldest child and sits on the bed next to him “ Well how about a suit just like mine.”

Scorpius looks at his fathers all black suit and nods. Draco pulls out his wand and points it at his son and a second later his son is in a all black suit just like his dad.

He knocks on his only daughters door and hears his wife from inside the room say “ Wait a minute.”

After a minute both his wife and daughter come out his daughter wearing a green dress while his wife wears a red dress. “ You both look beautiful.”

Hermione kisses Draco and looks at little Scorpius at his fathers side “ You look very handsome Scorpius.”

Scorpius smiles up at his mom “ Thank you mom.”

Scorpius and Anya run off to there younger brothers room and tied to get them from there cribs. When there parents come into the room and see them. “ We’ll get your brothers go wait downstairs for us.”

The twins runs downstairs to wait for there parents. While the parents pick up there younger sons from their cribs and bring them downstairs. “ Now does everyone remember the rules?”

The twins nod and hold on to there parents. Anya hold on to Hermione while Scorpius holds on to Draco. They usually take the floo networks to travel but there apparating to the event tonight. Draco and Hermione hold hands and they apparate to the event hall.


A couple minutes after they arrive at the event. Narcissa and Lucius arrive to support there daughter in law. Hermione and Narcissa always did get along. Narcissa didn’t care that her son fell in love with a muggle born woman. She could see the happiness between the two and she loved seeing her son happy that’s all she ever wanted. Lucius on the other hand didn’t accept Hermione at all he didn’t like that she was muggle born he thought his son deserved better. At there wedding he finally start to tolerate Hermione only because Narcissa told him Hermione is not going anywhere he will just have to accept her. It was only after she gave birth to his first two grandchildren did he accept her into the Malfoy family.

Narcissa goes over to her grandchildren and hugs and kisses them. Hermione hands Xander to her while Draco hands over Zane to his father. You would never think that Lucius Malfoy ex death eater would love his half muggle grandchildren as much as he does but he has loved them since they were born.


Hermione and Draco are walking around the event when professor Minerva McGonagall walks over to them “ Congratulations Mrs. Malfoy, Mr. Malfoy.”

Hermione hugs her old professor/head of her house at Hogwarts “ Thank you professor McGonagall.”

Minerva was invited to Hermione and Draco’s wedding she went and she couldn’t of been more proud of her two former students. Breaking all barriers to be together being sorted into rival houses, hating each other from the beginning, to becoming friends. She saw it that day at the battle of Hogwarts how when Lucius and Narcissa called for there son to come to them Miss Granger was holding his hand and went with him. She always saw something between them even in second year when she was explaining the chamber of secrets to the class and they could have a whole conversation without even saying one word.

McGonagall notices the twins at there parents side “ And who are they?”

Both Malfoy’s look down at there oldest children “ This is Scorpius and Anya our oldest children there twins and there five. Narcissa is holding Alexander but everyone calls him Xander he’s our youngest he’s only nine months old and Lucius is holding Zane he’s one.”

McGonagall smiles at her former students they look so happy and in love. “ Two Malfoy’s at Hogwarts at the same time will they be saying your famous line Mr. Malfoy my father will hear about this.”

Draco looks down ashamed and Hermione lets out a little laugh.


Later Hermione sees her friends Harry and Ginny Potter and goes over to them “ You came.”

Harry and Ginny hug Hermione “ Yes and you brought your kids.”

Hermione smiles over at her husband, in laws and children “ Yes we usually leave them with Draco’s parents but because they were coming today. Do you know if he’s coming?”

Harry and Ginny know exactly who he is “ No he’s not coming he’s still bitter you married Draco and have four kids with him.”

Hermione nods and let’s out a breath of relief and looks down at her emerald wedding ring. “Good I can’t have him ruining this night like he tried to ruin our wedding.”

Flashback seven years ago:
Today is Hermione’s wedding day she is so excited and happy to be marrying Draco she couldn’t think of anyone else she would like to marry. She loves Draco so much and she knows Draco loves her so much. Hermione is getting ready with Ginny and Pansy. Yes Pansy Parkinson had become one of Hermione’s friends there not best friends like her or Ginny but with Pansy being best friends with Draco Hermione got to know Pansy better and they become friends.

Its just Hermione and Ginny in her changing room when there’s a knock on the door. Both girls turn to the door when Ron Wesley is standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

Ron looks at hermione “ I want you back I’ve realized I made a mistake you can’t marry him.”

Hermione and Ginny both look at each other in shock and confusion “ You tell me this the day of my wedding. Why do you think I shouldn’t marry Draco.”

Ron coming further into the room “ Because I love you and it’s Malfoy he only cares about himself he also thinks he’s better than everyone else.”

Hermione looks down at her red and gold engagement ring then at her white wedding dress. “ You don’t know him anymore he’s changed Ron you need to leave.”

Hermione turns to look at herself in the mirror and ignores Ron in the doorway. He leaves and finds Draco’s changing room he’s the only one in there he is straightening out his suit getting ready to walk to the alter. When he sees red hair in the mirror he only knows one person with red hair was invited to the wedding but this wasn’t Ginny. He turns around with his wand out “ Locomotor Mortis.”

Ron’s legs and hands bind he falls down and Draco walks over to him “ What are you doing here weasel?”

Ron glares up at him trying to get to his wand so he can untie himself “ Hermione doesn’t want you she wants me she just told me herself when she attacked me so happy to see me she begged me to get her out of here.”

Draco glares at him not believing a word he’s saying. “ Accio wand.”

Rons wand flies out of his pocket and lands in Dracos hand who puts it on the opposite side of the room “ Have fun getting that weasel. I have a wedding to get to.”


Hermione and Draco are at the alter Hermione just said I do it’s Draco’s turn to say I do when the doors of the church burst open and Ron is standing in the doorway. “ They can’t get married.”

All three Malfoy’s pull out their wands and point them at Ron. Lucius holds his wand up “Avada.”

Hermione isn’t his favorite person in the world he doesn’t even really like her but he does love his son who is marrying Hermione plus he never liked any of the Weasleys. Hermione watches as her future father in law gets ready to use the killing curse on her old best friend/ex boyfriend. Hermione can’t reach her wand which is under her wedding dress in her garter belt. She sees Draco has his wand out and she really wants Lucius to accept her Into the Malfoy family but she doesn’t want her father in law to go back to Azkaban. “ Draco give me your wand.”

Draco was just watching all this he’s also mad Weasley got free. He hands over his wand and Hermione points it at her father in law “Expelliarmus.” She does the same with Ron’s wand who is pointed at all three Malfoy’s.

Lucius wand goes flying out of his hand he looks up at the minutes to be married couple Ron glares at them. Hermione gives Draco his wand back. “Now this is a wedding a joining of two people not a battle. Ron your not even supposed to be here you weren’t invited yes I’m marrying Draco I love him and he loves me. You can’t break us up. ”

Ron takes a step forward and Pansy is next to Ginny she gives Ginny her flowers “ That’s it you’ve ruined my best friend’s wedding enough.”

Pansy goes to walk towards Ron when she smiles at the couple “ I got this also congratulations.”

Pansy pulls her wand out from underneath her dress. “ Wingardium leviosa.”

Ron starts to float in the air and yells to be put down. Pansy walks him out of the church then stops the spell and watches him drop back to the ground and run away. She turns back to everyone “ Continue.”


Everyone is seated and there are people giving speeches about how wonderful a person Hermione is and how she will make an excellent minster of magic. Harry gave a speech and so did McGonagall on how smart Hermione is. Kingsley Shacklebolt the last minister goes up to the podium. “ Now we will hear from Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione turns to him with surprise all over her face. “ I didn’t know you were giving a speech.”

He kisses her on the forehead “ I’ve supported you this whole campaign now it’s time to tell you how much you mean to me.”

“ I am extremely proud of my wife Hermione Malfoy there is no one more qualified to run the ministry of magic then her she will be an amazing minster not only to the wizarding world but to the muggle world as well. Having come from the muggle world and is the brightest witch in the wizarding world. She made the Malfoy family not only whole but see the light when we were in never ending darkness. Being minister will be nothing for her she is the smartest, bravest person I know. ”

Everyone gives Draco a standing ovation for his speech. When he got back to the table that seats his wife their children and his parents. Hermione gives him a kiss. “ Thank you I loved your speech it was beautiful.”

It’s Hermione’s turn to give her accepting speech she kisses Draco one more time and walks up to the podium. “ All the speeches were lovely tonight. The campaign for minister was not easy I had stiff competition with Oliver wood and I was pregnant with my fourth child. But through it all I came out ahead. And I am honored to be the first woman minster of magic. I want to give a huge shout out to my husband Draco who has been my biggest supporter since I announce my running. I remember one day I came home I was busy all week campaigning and I told my him I don’t think I can do this anymore I was so exhausted. He told me I can do this and that if anyone deserves to be minister it should be me. I should also say at the time I was nine months pregnant and due any day. Still through all the obstacles I faced threw this campaign I came out on top. I am extremely lucky I have a extremely supportive husband and four healthy children. I am going to try to be the best minister of magic you have ever seen.”

Hermione’s speech gets a standing ovation too. After all the speeches Rita Skeeter wants a photo of the Malfoy family for the front page of the Daily Prophet. Hermione holding Xander and Draco holding Zane stand behind Scorpius and Anya on stage while Bozo one of the daily prophets photographers snaps their picture.


After the event the Malfoy family apparate to there mansion. When they got engaged they bought this mansion. Before they had kids it was so big and empty but once they got married and had Scorpius and Anya the mansion didn’t seem big at all. Draco puts Xander and Zane to bed while Hermione puts Scorpius and Anya to bed. Hermione goes to her bedroom and puts on her silk green nightgown while Draco puts on a pair of Slytherin pajamas pants and gets in bed. Hermione snuggles into his side and puts her head on his shoulder while he runs a hand threw her hair and kisses her forehead. “ Thank you.”

Hermione looks up at him confused “ For what I didn’t do anything.”

Draco smiles down at her and pecks her on the lips “ For punching me in the face all those years ago. It was the wake up call I needed to finally understand the feelings I had for you. It wasn’t just that I need punched it was a muggle born punched me I realized that day that were not different you can hurt me just as much as I can hurt you.”

Hermione leans up and kisses him “ Even after all this time I don’t regret punching you. You had it coming.”

Draco lets out a little laugh “ Did you ever think back in third year I’m punching my future husband?”

Hermione running her hand over Draco’s bare stomach “ No I just thought I’m punching this evil little cockroach who has it coming.”

Draco turns over to her and hovers over her and leans down and kisses her “ I love you Hermione Malfoy.”

Hermione puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back “ I love you too Draco Malfoy.”

Headcanon #2

Zane is genderfluid, and when he comes out to everyone, Gene just leaves the room with no explanation why. It isn’t until later when Zane checks up on him to see what’s wrong when he finds out why, and it was because Gene was too scared to come out as Pansexual to them all, in which he starts to tell Zane about how he knew and his story.


Decided to try my hand at one of those reversible story things. And since it is brother’s day tomorrow, I had to pick these two. Echo first, then Zane.

He leaves the lighthouse


Zane can only look with longing for something that will only again appear in his dreams

Along with everything else

His father has gone

And he will not return after this

No one is here but him

He accustoms himself to the fact

As time passes

He stands at the landing and looks out to sea

“Only rocks and water”

He tells himself

“There is no one here”

And yet he hears something

Without anyone else


He climbs up steps and looks for answers

He is curious

There is life again

In the lighthouse

Death of a Bachelor, Chapter 3

Title: Death of a Bachelor

Rating: PG-13, eventual M (language, sexual themes)

Chapter Word Count: 3322

Summary: At 30, Blaine has everything he dreamed of as a teenager. Great friendships, starring roles on Broadway, all of his dreams except love. Then his older brother, Cooper, comes up with an insane new plan: a starring role on The Bachelor, the first gay bachelor looking for love. Klaine endgame. The Bachelor!AU. Rated M for later chapters. l AO3

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How about Tyzane & Nickels prompt? Double-date at a gay nightclub. I'm not sure which one out of the four of them would get the most possessive when his guy attracts a lot of attention.

When Nick turns around Kelly’s gone, how he managed to get lost in the crowd in the time it took Nick to grab their drinks was was beyond him.  Chances were he went back to join Ty and Zane at the tables but knowing Kelly he could just as easily be in the middle of the crowd dancing alone because he felt like it.

Their table is mysteriously empty when he gets back, assholes left him alone, tho they probably thought he and Kelly had snuck off somewhere. Which given their track record was an obvious assumption.

“Nicko!” Kelly yelled making his way back to the table, shirtless covered in glitter and to Nick’s shock, with bills and slips of paper all tucked into the waist of his jeans. What was even more appalling was that it looked like none of the bills were less than tens and the slips all had phone numbers on them.

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you throw pieces of paper at your friend in class but you have bad aim and keep hitting me - Skye and Zane but maybe make it like some kind of meeting or conference for the business?

You sent me this a year ago, you know that? And see what patience gets you? A new series. ::nods::

Originally posted by danascullys

Tactile Negotiations (A “Part-Timer” Story) - Zane knows exactly who’s sitting in his office repeatedly hitting him with crumpled up balls of paper: Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, aka one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best agents. He’s just wondering when eventually she’ll get to the point of her visit to offering him that job he knows they want him to have. He isn’t one of the world’s best hackers for nothing, after all.

Fandoms: Eureka (TV)Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)Marvel Cinematic Universe

Relationship: Zane Donovan & Skye | Daisy Johnson

Characters: Zane DonovanSkye | Daisy Johnson

Additional Tags: POV Zane DonovanPast Zane Donovan/Jo LupoWidower ZaneTalkingRelationship DiscussionsPre-RelationshipPost-Episode s05e13 Just Another DayPost-Episode: s03e22 AscensionNot Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Compliantjob offerWastebasket BasketballDaisy Fakes Bad AimSHIELD Agent Skye | Daisy JohnsonSkye | Daisy Johnson is a Little ShitAmused ZaneBargainingZane Becomes A SHIELD AgentLineage & LegaciesMoving On

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She had shitty aim.

Zane had watched the hacker girl miss another shot, hitting him instead. She said her name was Felicia Cruz, but he knew her real name was Daisy Johnson, codenamed Quake, and she was from the super secret organization of super spies known as S.H.I.E.L.D he wasn’t supposed to know still existed but he did because he was a better hacker than she really had any idea he was. He was just kind of waiting for the moment to spring it on her that he knew all about her. With his level five access there wasn’t a computer in the world he didn’t have access to, even though Henry didn’t like him doing that. They were trying to be better than the old GD, after all.

“So,” he said, leaning back in the chair, looking over at her. She was cute, in a kinda spunky way. Kinda like Zoe, when she’d been trying to instigate a thing with him to piss her father off. But there was also something about her that reminded him a lot of Jo-Jo.

Funny, thinking about her didn’t hurt so much. His hand didn’t even move to absently fiddle with his wedding ring, either. That was…weird.

“You know who we are, Donovan,” Daisy said, aiming another crumpled up paper ball and tossing it into towards the wastebasket, missing and having it veer and hit him in the leg instead. She turned to him with a smirk. “I so just screwed you out of a ‘gotcha’ moment, didn’t I?”

He had to grin at that and shrugged, reaching over for some paper and crumpling it up. “Yeah, well, win some, lose some.”

“Mind if I ask a personal question?” she asked.

“Only if you make a basket,” he asked, making his aim and shooting. He’d had that basket in that spot since 2012 and been shooting paper balls at it from every angle in the office. He was a pro at this. He wasn’t remotely surprised when his went in.

He was, however, surprised when her next paper ball went straight for the sweet spot and right into the wastebasket. “Well, look at that. I made one,” she said with a shit eating grin.

“Touche,” he replied. “Whatcha wanna know?”

“You’re the head of Level Five. You can build literally anything in the world you can possibly think of. You built a freaking human from scratch.” Then she trailed off as if she suddenly realized her question was too personal, that she shouldn’t ask, that she didn’t know him well enough.

“So why don’t I build a time machine or something and stop Jo from sacrificing herself to save everyone in Eureka?” he asked for her. She nodded. “Henry told me a story after Jo-Jo died. How he went to try and save someone who died. How it changed time and made things unstable. He didn’t want me making his mistakes.” He paused and considered things. “How much do you really know about Eureka? I mean, about all of us?”


“You know about Grant? And by that, I mean Charles, not Ward.” She gave him a look. Not the “of course I know about Grant” look, but the “what do you mean?” confused look. So, they had no idea time had already been changed after Carter changed it back from what Henry did. Best to keep it that way. “Grant had experience with the Einstein-Rosen bridges. He can tell you all about the perils of time travel. But yeah. I don’t screw with it, not even for people I love. You just remember them as best you can and live in their legacy.”

Daisy nodded slowly. “And do you?”

“Well, your boss probably figured out I got my copy of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s records when Black Widow leaked them onto the internet and then went and did more digging, and still dig, and he hasn’t tried to get me to leave Eureka yet. I figure as long as I’m here, I live up to her legacy.”

Daisy wadded up another paper ball and tossed it up in the air and caught it before throwing it up again. “But if you could do more…would you?”

“You mean like work with you guys?”


“With. I freelance.”

Daisy grinned and tossed the ball at his head, but he ducked. “Screw you. Now I owe Coulson fifty bucks.”

“Nice try, though. But Henry needs me, Carter and Allison need me, and hell, Eureka’s home, even without Jo-Jo here. But that’s not to say I won’t help.” He reached across the table, hand out. “Tell Phil he has a deal if he will let me out of seclusion so I can go home, okay?”

“Deal,” Daisy said, shaking his hand. This had actually been easier than he’d thought it would be, to be honest. Part time scientist, part-time S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Jo-Jo would be proud.

Klaine Advent Day

D: Dare

Everyone vetoed Rachel’s shouts of Spin the Bottle. It was Santana, taking a momentary pause from her drunken hysteria, to recommend Truth or Dare. Kurt didn’t care for that idea much either, but everyone besides himself and Finn were past the point of no return on having violent, puking hangovers the next morning.

Santana went first, picking Rachel, who burped and picked dare.

“I dare you to… suck Artie’s toes.”

Rachel did hers and Kurt had to look away. Blaine cheered and laughed beside him, his curls a floppy mess. From Rachel it passed to Tina, then Mike, Sam, and back to Rachel. Every turn grew more depraved and sexual.

She stared around at them, swaying even though she was sitting. Then her eyes fell on Blaine and Kurt, still mercifully left out of the fiasco unfolding.

“Blaine Warbler, truth or dare.”

Blaine laughed. “Uh dare.”

Kurt gave him an appraising look. He’d expected dare, but that wasn’t accounting for the alcohol.

“I dare you to kiss…” Rachel’s eyes landed on Kurt and she gave a sloppy, lazy version of a wink. “Kiss your favorite person in this room.”

Everyone catcalled. Kurt shifted away from Finn on his right, but Blaine’s hand caught his shoulder.

Puck gave a roar of approval when Blaine kissed him. Sharp, bitter alcohol and peppermint. Kurt tasted all of it for a fleeting second as their lips met.

Blaine pulled back as quickly as he’d leaned in. “Mmm, your lips are soft.”

“Get it, Hummel!”

Klaine Advent Day 8

H: Hello

Word Count: 250

           “Thank you for call Delta Crest Dating Hotline. This is Blaine. How can I help you?”

           Blaine muted himself and breathed deeply. He was beyond exhausted. Abstractly dating women, even over the phone for half hour intervals while getting paid, was depressing. Beside him, Sam continued to run through his list of impressions for whoever was on his line.



           Blaine frowned, but logged the hang up on his computer. He loathed this job more than synthetic hair gel. Maybe if the hotline had something besides heterosexual options he’d find this as exciting as Sam did.

           The same number lit up his screen. Blaine accepted the call again.

           “Um hi.”

           At this least this voice wasn’t grating.

           “Hello, honey. What should I call you?”

           “Um,” the voice cleared its throat, hesitated. “My name is Kurt.”


           “Yes, t-that’s right. And I’m a guy, if that’s okay. The ad said men seeking women and vice versa, but the gay hotline was awful. They dove right into pornographic conversation and I hung up.”

           “Well, you hung up on me, too,” Blaine reminded him. “Promise you won’t do that again?”

           A shuttering breath. Blaine chuckled. Finally, someone interesting to talk to, maybe really flirt with, too.

           “I’ll try not to. Is this okay?”

           Blaine’s manager would hang him by his bowtie once he heard this recording. He’d been unemployed again, and much happier for it.

           “Absolutely. You happen to be talking to Delta Crest’s only gay agent. And I am very available.”

Klaine Season 2 AU

Womp, so I started writing that idea I posted about here earlier. Warnings for hospitals and dad’s in comas and sick kids in hospitals.

I am Klaining again. Enjoy.


Kurt stood by his father’s bedside for three days. Carole offered him chairs. Finn tried to pry his fingers from his dad’s hands for a cup of coffee. Yet Kurt stayed as he was. Itchy with the sterile discomfort of a hospital. Aching in his calves and thighs as he stood until visiting hours ended every night. Becoming comfortable here meant permanence.

Permanence meant his dad leaving his life just like his mother had.

“Honey, we brought you that Panera sandwich you like.”

Carole squeezed his shoulder and a spark of numb nerves tickled his hand.

“Dude, you’ve been, like, standing there for four hours.”

Finn’s bulky frame lumbered to the far side of his dad’s bed. Kurt flexed his fingers around Burt’s still hand. Just his touch should be enough. It was better than hoping and mumbling to imagined gods and deities and praying to thin air. He believed in them; himself and his dad. The same way his dad had taught him after his mother died.

“Kurt, you need to eat something.”

He squeezed his dad’s hand once and then stepped back. One step. Two. On the third he turned and straightened his jacket, wiped his nose on the sleeve. Carole forced the little Panera bag into his hands and his numb fingers caught on the handle.

“I’m going for a walk.”

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Death of a Bachelor, Chapter 5

Title: Death of a Bachelor

Rating: PG-13, eventual M (language, sexual themes)

Chapter Word Count: 2371

Summary: At 30, Blaine has everything he dreamed of as a teenager. Great friendships, starring roles on Broadway, all of his dreams except love. Then his older brother, Cooper, comes up with an insane new plan: a starring role on The Bachelor, the first gay bachelor looking for love. Klaine endgame. The Bachelor!AU. Rated M for later chapters. l AO3

Klaine Advent Day 6

F: Fair

Blaine huffed and stretched higher. He could almost reach the mixing bowl on the top shelf. Sam had made a habit of putting everything away out of Blaine’s reach. Kurt and the rest of the loft’s residents made a point to keep everything lowered. More for Rachel than Blaine, but right now—

           “Almost. Got. It—ugh!”

           His fingers swiped the side of the bowl, shoving it further back into the cabinet. Time to get a chair and forsake his dignity then.

           The front door rattled open. Kurt’s snow-flecked hair appeared, poking out of the top of his hoodless coat.

           “I can’t believe how much it’s snowing out there.” Kurt shook himself, but the snow stayed put. “It’s gotten all into my shirt collar and ruined—”


           Kurt stared. “Why are you dragging the chair over there?”

           Blaine ducked his head. “Sam put the mixing bowl on the top shelf again and I can’t reach it.”

           “Honey, here. Let me.”

           Kurt tossed his coat on the table and stretched for the top shelf. Even he could barely reach it, but he managed to grab it. Blaine scowled at him.

           “That late high school growth spurt of yours is still entirely not fair.”

           “Neither is how natural your dreamboat show presence is. Call us even.”

           “Only for a kiss.”

           Kurt set the bowl on the counter and wrapped his arms around Blaine’s waist. He dipped Blaine, almost dropping him as Blaine’s socks slipped on the floor.

           “Careful! I’m very delicate goods.”

Klaine Advent 2016: Day 1

A: Audience

Word Count: 250

“Did you put her in that outfit I bought, Kurt? I know she’s your daughter and I only gave birth to her—which was very taxing on my body and my career let me remind you—but as her fabulous aunt I think she should definitely wear what I bought when she makes her Hummel family debut. Or at least name her Barbara. She’s a star about to meet her first audience.”

Kurt rolled his eyes as Blaine swayed around their living room.

“Her name is Eloise, Rachel. And we aren’t putting our newborn in a leotard and a tutu.”


“No. We’ll see you on Christmas, okay?”

He clicked off the phone and went over to Blaine, rocking their beautiful baby.

“You’re our perfect little one,” Blaine was saying. “Perfect toes, and your Daddy’s pretty blue eyes. You make sure you keep those, okay? You’ll get anything you want from me with those baby blues.”

“She’ll get anything from both of us no matter what.” Kurt scooped her out of Blaine’s arms and smiled. “How’s my girl? Hi sweetie.”

“They’ll be here soon,” Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist and rested his head on his shoulder, Eloise nestled between them. “I can’t believe how quiet she is.”

“She spent nine months in Rachel, I wouldn’t bet on it lasting.”

“She’s part Hummel, too. She’ll be twice as loud and made of iron.”

“As long as we don’t raise another Rachel Berry, I think we’ll be okay.”


Klaine Advent: Day 3

C: Charm

Word Count: 250

“Papa, I want that one!”

           “But what about this one, sweetie? The giraffe?”

           August shakes his head. “No, the candy cane, because Pop loves Christmas.”

           Blaine points out the little charm to the salesperson. As August bounces beside him, Blaine smiles. He’s one of many fathers here picking out various jewelry pieces with their kids. For them this is a biannual trip, six years running. A new charm at the end of the school year and another at the end of the calendar year.

           “Here you go, August.” The salesperson smiles. They all know August by name at this point. This one is new since their June trip, and entirely too flirtatious for Blaine’s liking. She’s been admiring his butt from afar since they arrived. “What about you, Papa? Anything I can get for you? Or your wife?”

           “No, thank you. No wife for me.”

           August snorts as he hooks his new charm to his bracelet. “Daddy won’t like it if you flirt with Papa. I thought everyone at the mall knew that by now.”


           His son shrugs and admires his new charm. The salesperson blushes. Blaine does, too. Even at eleven, August has developed no tact.

           “Anything for your husband then, sir?”

           “I’ve got everything I already need.” Kurt joins them, arms bulging with shopping bags. “Ready to go, love?”

           “Yes.” Blaine accepts a too-long kiss on the lips.

           August rolls his eyes this time. “Ugh, do you two ever stop flirting? Honestly, you’re exhausting to look at.”

Private or public? A Klaine one shot

I wrote this after watching the Glee cast at Paleyfest 2015. Based on this gif set of a fan question from the audience about whether Kurt and Blaine would send their children to public or private school.


           "But Grant Hill has this fantastic science building they’ve just added,“ Blaine was saying. "And look at their athletics department. That’s one thing we won’t get at a private school is all of these options. Like a Quidditch team, Kurt. The county has a Quidditch league for their middle schools and high schools.”

           "No. We’ve been over this since before they were born.“ Kurt flipped his page in Vogue, reviewing his latest article for the typos he’d ordered to have corrected. "Damnit, I knew he missed that one. I told him a dozen times—don’t pout at me, Blaine Devon. If our three-year-olds can’t get that to work on me, then you certainly can’t either.”

           "But look at these pictures,“ Blaine said. He turned his iPad towards Kurt. "This school is beautiful. That’s why we wanted to live out here once we had kids. The boys would love all of these opportunities. And Adeline will too when she’s ready to start school.”

           "They’re going to a private school,“ Kurt said. He closed his magazine, finished his coffee, and leaned across the breakfast nook table to peck him on the lips. "Come on. We still have a few more hours before Dad and Carole bring them back.”

           "No. Nuh-uh. You aren’t distracting me with sex again when I’m arguing for Grant Hill okay? We're—mmm.“

           Kurt tugged him back into their bedroom at the end of the hall and shut the door. "Alex and Max are going to private school, Mr. Anderson.”

           "Hey, that’s Mr.—"

           Kurt cut him off with a swift kiss, then pushed him down on the bed and disappeared into the closet. Blaine frowned around at all the different pamphlets and brochures they’d been collecting since the twins had turned three in February.

           "What if we try each for a year? While they’re young, you know? Let them decide which they like better.“

           "We’re settling this now, Blaine Warbler.” Kurt reappeared from their closet. He draped himself against the door frame in nothing but his tight, black boxer-briefs and Blaine’s old Dalton Academy blazer.

           Blaine’s mouth went dry. “I can’t believe we still have that. You look sixteen again.”

           Kurt stroked his beard and gave Blaine a squinty-eyed smile. “Sixteen? With this gorgeous beard?”

           "Well, maybe twenty-six,“ Blaine said. He climbed up and met Kurt between their bed and the closet. "I do love this beard of yours, much better than the one I tried when I was at NYU. You remember Elliott coming over to help me brush it?”

           "Less beard and Elliott talk, more sex to convince you that we need more blazers in this house.“ Kurt shoulder shimmied until Blaine’s Dalton blazer was hanging off of his arms. "So, private school.”

           "But Grant Hill has—"

           "Blazers are important. And,“ Kurt leaned in and sucked at Blaine’s favorite hickey spot just above his shirt collar. "I’ll admit that one thing that I haven’t ever admitted no matter how much you press me.”

           "Oh?“ Blaine perked up and grinned as Kurt kissed his neck and then his cheek. "You love the blazer.”

           "You agree first, and then I might.“

           "I—” Kurt nibbled at his lower lip. “Kurt, the kids will be back in twenty minutes—”

           "Our kids that are going to?“

           "P-private school.” Blaine groaned and shoved the blazer off Kurt’s arms. “And?”

           "You’re right. I might love the blazer.“


           "But I definitely love you.”

           Blaine snapped the waistband of Kurt’s boxer-briefs. “Husband, stop lying to yourself.”

           "Fine.“ Kurt kissed him slowly. "I do love the blazer. Especially when you’re wearing it.”



Okay, I’m not even reading over my own writing, I’m sorry. 5.16 reaction fic. Blangst, Kurt POV, boys talking about things and understanding each other while naked and cuddled up in a bed. Ahahaha, angst.


            "We should never go a week without that again,“ Blaine mumbled. Kurt kissed his neck and snuggled closer, keeping one hand on Blaine’s belly. It still felt the same to him when he rubbed over it–Blaine loved having his tummy rubbed when they cooled down–maybe a little fuller when Blaine exhaled, but still beautiful.

            "Mmm, no more porn sites?”

            “No, they’re all muscle heads so I never got very far anyway,” Blaine admitted. Kurt giggled a little and kissed his neck again. “You don’t care?”

            “About the porn?”


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