So I’ve been in South Africa for the last month, which explains the hiatus. I worked at a children’s camp and then moved on to working in the Zandspruit township community for a couple of weeks. It’s been wonderful, like coming home (I spent a large part of my childhood here so it’s quite familiar). I have met so many incredible people and learned so much, but I’m so ready to be heading back to PDX in a few days. Quite possibly doing my doula training in March at ICTC - I’m SO excited about it. Expect quite a few reblogs as I’ve just been liking things for last few weeks. If anyone has any questions about my work in Johannesburg or my doula adventure or anything, please feel free to ask! I’m not sure how clear I’ve made it in the past, but I’m open to conversation and would love to get to know my followers.

So there’s my update. Expect some pictures when I return home, as well.



Some kids we met at Zandspruit. The boy next to me with the green collar told me that both his parents were killed crossing the road a couple of years ago not far from where I’m living. He asked me to pray for him…

Zandspruit Bible School

Last night was the start of term at Zandspruit Bible School - an initiative of JBC. Zandspruit is an informal settlement (shanty town) on the outskirts of Jo’burg.

Apparently religion is thriving in the area, but the churches are largely teaching an unhelpful and unbiblical ‘prosperity gospel’, so it’s a privilege to be able to meet with those in church leadership who want to be equipped to understand and faithfully teach the Word.

Here’s a picture from outside the community centre. I didn’t quite have the guts to point the camera in the other direction, to the shacks and dirty streets…