zander davenport

@Charlotte||Eiffel Tower

Zander hadn’t really been out of the hotel room other than to go see what they had to see. He was bored and decided to text Charli to see what she was doing and if she wanted to hang out with him. When she had said she hadn’t been to the Eiffel Tower yet he decided they could go there and do whatever else along the way. He grabbed his phone and room key and left his room to walk to Charlottes’ room he knocked on the door.

ooc;I got to go to bed

It’s almost 3 am here. I have to babysit but I’ll be on later. Also just want to say this weekend I’m going on vay cay to VA/looking at a house in West VA but I’ll have my phone and my laptop though my mom says we have to go into town to the Micky D’s to get wifi.I think that is it for now lol.

Night/morning/afternoon Lovies.

Sidenote: i want a  room like Poppys baha.