zander art

You know that Star Wars drawing I said I was working on back in January? Well, this is it. It’s a present for my little brother who loves this show, and his birthday was at the end of January… I’m such a bad sibling haha!

I was so nearly finished that I thought I would prioritise it today. Now on to more Star Wars art!

I also made a speed paint of this drawing if anyone’s interested: 

Sup Fae-Fae.

So yeah. It’s been a while for any ascension fanart. I need to redeem myself for the horrible things I’ve put out in the past. It’s late so I can’t quite reach the finish line tonight. Need bed. Finish laterrrr.

Babycakes here is the better elf. Fight me.

Edit: What is he without his tattoo? I may go back later and finish it up but it’s good enough for now. I have other projects that need doing.

  1. Henrique Oliveira - Installation, 2013
  2. Keith Haring - Tree of Life, 1985
  3. Gustav Klimt - Birch Grove I, 1902
  4. James Rosenquist - Forest Ranger, 1967
  5. Frank Rosenzweig - Birch Wood, 2014
  6. Roy Lichtenstein - Bonsai Tree, 1993
  7. Zander Olsen - Untitled, 2008
  8. Andrew Wyeth - Sycamore, 1982

‘Tree, Line’ is the name of a series of captivating pieces of artwork constructed by artist Zander Olsen - these photographs depict the artwork in which trees are wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon.