zan arts


I can’t believe nobody has drawn a Zangief-like Machamp yet. Had this idea when I drew my Machamp on my ask blog. I suddenly remembered @rakkuguy ‘s comic where his Kirlia, Serene, wanted to learn a TM move she can’t normally learn from a Machamp trainer.

I then got reminded of the mentoring relationship between Rainbow Mika and Zangief in the recent Street Fighter V game’s storyline and figured I just had to draw this picture because it seemed too fitting and funny to me at the time.

Also, I heard @rakkuguy ’s birthday is coming up, so happy birthday in advance, buddy :)

So apparently they are both familiar with being misthreated by their crush aka boss, even if there are certainly not the same curcumstances? Tbh I always liked the idea of such people supporting each other! Besides this way these two will be able to protect one another should either Sectonia or Hyness reemerge and pull their shit again.