What? zamSpielen #11 - Vienna Indie Week
When? Friday, October 9th 2015, 5:00pm
Where? Schaustelle, Margaretenstraße 106, 1050 Wien


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Asteroid Base)

Runbow (13AM Games)

Push Me Pull You (Jake Strasser, Michael McMaster, Stuart Gillespie-Cook, Nico Disseldorp)

Panoramical (Fernando Ramallo, David Kanaga)

Extreme Exorcism (Golden Ruby Games)

Pivvot (Whitaker Trebella)

Polsefest (loxfear)

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What? zamSpielen #10 - CHESTO Launch Party!
When? Sunday, September 6th 2015, 5:00pm
Where? aus.büxen/Mobiles Stadtlabor, Resselpark, Karlsplatz

CHESTO - At the Checkout (Josef Who & Broken Rules)
Chalo Chalo (Richard Boeser & Tomasz Kaye)
Line Wobbler (Robin Baumgarten & Matthias Maschek)
Check-In, Knock-Out (Lionade Games)
Edgar Rice Soiree (Douglas Wilson, Adam Henriksson, David Kanaga & Thomas Perl)
Flywrench (Messhof)
Pacapong (King Penguin)
Robotron 64 (Player 1)

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Wanna see the lineup in motion? Watch our youtube trailer!

Videogame History at WerkzeugH

We are very happy and proud to announce a collaboration with WerkzeugH. Over the summer the little red hut in front of the WerkzeugH will be hosting Videogames from the past selected and curated by ourselves, the mighty zamSpielen.

So be there whenever you want, enter the little red time machine and play with us!