This video is the second compilation video showing various moebius tricks. I have not been able to find another place to record so I had to do it in my room.

This video is for the Spain yoyo community specifically and for!


I’m probably gonna get punched in the dick by Zammy BUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Here’s an Elsen

Pedalo Elsen

Judge Elsen

Critic Elsen schooling yous ass

Elsen has had a long night of hard drinking

September 24 2011. Survived the night having to train Whitknee again. I think she has it. Once again I tweeked out on monster talking like a insane person and running around like as if life depended on it.It was definitely a fun night, especially when she was doing her tarot card readings.

Apparently, I’m still alive.

Tim Burton pitching a movie
  • Tim Burton:Hey guys, I had an idea-
  • Producers:Oh god not again
  • Tim Burton:So we have some undead people
  • Tim Burton:Who are creepy and shit
  • Tim Burton:And Helena; you know my wife Helena, she's in it of course
  • Tim Burton:And we call up Johnny; you know, Johnny Depp to be in it.
  • Tim Burton:What do you think?
  • Producers:Fine. What about the music?
  • Tim Burton:I'm thinking Danny Elfman.
  • Producers:Of course you are.

Zammy’s OC fanelsen, I forgot her name unfortunately but I like drawing her : D I used her to practice drawing poses and whatnot, fullbodies are kinda hard for me cause there’s so much to consider. I just wanted to draw a cute lady okay.

If you want to color any of my sketches all you got to do is ask and send me the finished product : D Zammy can color this one though. Only Zammy.