September 24 2011. Survived the night having to train Whitknee again. I think she has it. Once again I tweeked out on monster talking like a insane person and running around like as if life depended on it.It was definitely a fun night, especially when she was doing her tarot card readings.

Apparently, I’m still alive.


Yus c: i went for a zammy task i had since i worked hard on dung and have it ready for 120 i got this bad boy at 6 kills in task glad to have him and its a nice reward for not pvming so much :>

Ps. Comp Incoming soon but i will post that when its time to let everyone know 

Tim Burton pitching a movie
  • Tim Burton:Hey guys, I had an idea-
  • Producers:Oh god not again
  • Tim Burton:So we have some undead people
  • Tim Burton:Who are creepy and shit
  • Tim Burton:And Helena; you know my wife Helena, she's in it of course
  • Tim Burton:And we call up Johnny; you know, Johnny Depp to be in it.
  • Tim Burton:What do you think?
  • Producers:Fine. What about the music?
  • Tim Burton:I'm thinking Danny Elfman.
  • Producers:Of course you are.