Good qualities of each fandom

Gravity falls: Funny creator. Twin power, good humor. Not much drama.

Homestuck: Homosexual characters canon. Rosemary. Relatable characters. AMAZING COSPLAYERS. Au masters.

OTGW: Fans are usually gravity falls fans, not a lot of drama. Funny Wirt cosplayers. Not much drama.

FNAF: Creative music and animations, along with great fan art and AU ideas. Not much drama.

Undertale: Cute AUs and cool cosplayers, fairly new and no huge drama sparked yet.

OFF: cute and cool fan art and ask blogs. Also zacharie. Almost every fan has an amazing sense of humor. Practically no drama.

Steven universe: uhh… well I mean, the canon stuff is great and theres about 42% amazing-okay fans.. but boy howdy, the drama sucks the life out of you.


“I love being in the MLP fandom”
“But there are grown men in the fandom”
“Welp time to leave the fandom”

“I love being in the Adventure Time fandom”
"But Marceline and Bubblegum aren’t lesbians”
"Welp time to leave the fandom”

"I love being in the SU fandom”
"But people are supporting an artist that almost got killed”
"Welp time to leave the fandom”

"I love being in the Undertale fandom”
"But people are drawing Down With Hate images”
"Welp time to leave the fandom”

  • Steven Universe's writers: Could you guys stop being assholes for two seconds and let artists draw what they want?

I’m looking at you SU fandom.

UPDATE: So let me make this clear. I made this post serveral months ago after the dark side of the SU fandom did what they did to Zamii. I’m not necessarily saying SU is the worst fandom or no other fandoms go through anything like this, I was just looking at a specific one.

Also someone brought to my attention to that there is a third picture to this saying that child based rule 34 was okay. I don’t necessarily support it. Nor do I look at it. But at the same time, I don’t get into that kinda stuff because I personally don’t feel like it’s my protocol. (Come at me)

And finally. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN THE UNDERTALE FANDOM? Like seriously. I’m legit confused. I’m seeing a bunch of Undertale fans reblogging this saying “same for the Undertale fandom”. Can someone please give me some insight?

What People should be learning from the Zamii incident

We should learn how to criticize artist in a more constructive and welcoming manner. Harassing a person is wrong. 

What People are actually learning: 

Su fans are all awful. SJWs are all awful. We should be able to draw racist and fat erasing fan art if we want to. 


Now with this, can you all stop bitchin’ about how people decided to draw certain characters? Would you all stop bitchin’ about what people decide to ship? And what people want to draw?

With what happened with the user Zamii070, the crewniverse is disappointed and pissed at the actions of certain fans. Heck, even ALEX HIRSCH HIMSELF is tired with people’s bullshittery. 

They don’t CARE what people do with their characters or what they ship. It’s FANON. People have the artistic freedom to do so. All of this fighting is ridiculous and shameful. Let people draw whatever they want and if you don’t like it? Then ignore it and move along.

-So ship your BillDip, your Japis, your Pewey, whatever ship you fucking want. Draw whatever you want, it’s your freedom. 

-Draw the crystal gems however you’d like, in your own style or whatever. It’s is YOUR FREEDOM TOO. 

All of the bitching isn’t going to take anyone anywhere, and is a waste of your time on this Earth. And harassing a person you don’t know personally just because they drew something YOU didn’t like? Pathetic. 

Don’t like fanart someone does because it depicts the character in a different way? Ignore, remove, block and move on with your life or maybe … DRAW YOUR OWN FANART or better yet LOOK FOR FANART THAT DEPICTS THE CHARACTER HOW YOU LIKE THEM TO BE. 

Don’t like fanart of a certain ship because it’s problematic? Ignore, remove, block and move on without wasting your time on complaining. And if it’s tagged, blacklist that tag then. Find and install useful apps for that on mobile and on PC. 

And IF – Listen to me here – IF the fanart is of an ACTUAL drawing of a child,, meaning not aged-up,, then you can report it. Because it wouldn’t be “pedophillia” for a problematic ship, if there is no child to be seen. That’s it. But don’t harass the shippers just because you hate the damn ship when you know nothing of said shipper – not even their own name. 

So just stop it with this, and let people be. I’ve seen a lot of offensive art, but I didn’t take the time to care and drew my own stuff. 

Don’t like skinny Rose? Draw the original Rose yourself then. I know I will. And I will keep drawing Rose the way she is, without going off on other people due to what they make of her. 

Don’t like Pewey? Then draw your own fanart of the gay ship you want Pearl to be in. Don’t harass the shippers when you don’t even know them personally. 

It’s that simple. 

  • Tumblr: On this website you can express your opinion freely, ship whoever you want, draw however you want, like whichever character you want and do absolutelly what you love without being judged by anyone! because this website understands that everyone has different opinions!
  • Someone: -does that-
  • Tumblr: How fucking dare you you heartless uneducated son of a bitch? go kill yourself!
Hey, Tumblr SU fandom

How’s it going?

I was just thinking about our mutual favorite show! Yeah, the one with the lesbian space rocks and junk! Hey, do you remember that episode? That one where Steven is angry about Buck using Steven’s art in a way Steven disagrees with?

Do you remember the part where Steven goes to the Gems, and asks them to stop Buck and get rid of all the shirts? And how when the gems learn that the shirts aren’t physically hurting anyone, they say “People should be able to make whatever T-shirts they want,” and then Steven throws a tantrum and calls them pedophiles?

Oh, wait, I got that wrong, that was someone else. I remember what happened now! Do you guys remember?

Steven went out and created his own shirt! He didn’t attack Buck, or stalk him, or harass him, or call him a trash human being and that he should kill himself. That was pretty cool of Steven! Do you guys remember that?