After being introduced to an amazing design for Bular’s mother by @ezerain , I myself wanted to try and draw it.  I love how @ezerain designed Zalma based on the Gum gum in the book shown in trollhunters, to make a legit design of what Bular’s mother might have looked like.  Hope ya like, and please check out @ezerain yourself!

Zalma belongs to @ezerain
Trollhunters belongs to Dreamworks/netflix
Sketch is mine

The Blade Forger: Flower

I smell flowers…but I do not see flowers….are you the flower?

Heeey, long time no post? thehe, sorry about that, been busy and stuff. I got a brake from all the busy stuff recently so I decided to paint a little quicky while I can.

A scene from my Trollhunters fancomic “The Blade Forger”. Its way further into the story than what I’ve got drawn as chapter so far but I wanted to draw some Gunmar and Zalma moment. It might be kinda spoilerish, sorry about that, I just really wanted to paint Zalma. Both Gunmar and and tiny Bular have one but not her.

If you think Gunmar the Black, the Bonecrusher, the vile, corrupted Gum- Gum king, ruler of the Darklands and feared by all trolls would roll around a flower field just so he can smell like his mate’s favorite flower you’re aboslultely right! He totally would.

I should really do more pictures of these two together, I’ve missed drawing them.



Meet the Residents:

Shezzic Norite, Breeget Norite, Pabbel Norite, Gilta Norite, Zalma Norite

The Norite family come from an overpopulated planet that is quickly running out of space for its inhabitants, and its no wonder when the average families have at least 5 kids! 

They lived in a small home that was barely manageable for their three kids when Breegit announced she was pregnant! Shezzic knew he had to do something for his growing family and fast. The CSC offered to relocate them all to the colony as a solution, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Breegit and Shezzic learned their newest younglings are triplets.


“Blade Forger” Zalma/ Magante

Just a rough comprehensive sheet of Bular’s mom to make it easier for myself to draw her.

A bit of Trivia:

- She’s not as bulky as Gunmar or Bular and is more nimble instead. Shes as  strong as them but doesnt have nearly enough stamina for a prolonged fight.   

- She has two names, Zalma and Magante. Gunmar usually calls her Zalma and uses Magante on occasion. 

- She can breathe fire and spit magma  to an extent if she’s had enough burning material stored inside her body. She can also change her body temperature to very hot or cold. Shes basically like a walking furnace. This ability is mainly used for forging all kinds of weapons and occasionally on opponents. Her main profession is a weapon smith but she can also fight if needed.

- Little Bular loves to sleep tucked in his mothers arms, or anywhere beside her. Zalma heats her body to a comfortable temperature and lulls him until he’s in a deep sleep. He literally cannot fall asleep without being held and warmed up first. Zalma also uses this tactic to calm him down if he becomes distressed in any way. 

- Gunmar would also indulge himself in being embraced like that, tho very rarely. Being a very prideful creature it is hard for him to appear in any kind of state of *weakness*. Letting his guard down and allowing so much closeness is a huge hurdle for him as well as the inner turmoil that comes with having *feelings* for someone. 

- Zalma can swim, quite gracefully too.

- There are times when Gunmar would become especially overbearing and lose his temper with a very young Bular. Parenting comes hard for him and he often feels overwhelmed and would lose his temper and snap. Zalma would not allow such behaviour  and would not hesitate to snap back or even attack him. She understands its hard for him to adjust but there is a fine line she will not let him cross.

Thats it for now. I had to change the concept around this one quite a lot, in an effort to keep Gunmar in character as much as possible. The hardest part was choosing a name for her and after days I ended up having to give her two..                      


The Blade Forger- part 3

pt1  pt2


Sorry for the wait, been busy. This turned out longer than I intended but I wanted to reach a certain point and my 9 frames limit did not cut it here.

Enter Zalma, my Trollhuntes OC ( read more about her here). Just for clarification she wasnt trying to save anyone here, she just wanted to get to “Orlagk” but the other trolls got in the way so she was forced to “remove” them XD.

The Blade Forger- part 1

So I made a thing… it was suppose to be just regular frames like my other comics but I felt like doing some simple animation with this one, and then I decided to throw in some dramatic music as well and this came out. 

Its not suppose to be smooth or anything and the sound effects are overly dramatic at some places but I had fun doing it this way for a change. Cant promise the rest of it will be animated in this way, mostly because of some lengthy dialogue in some of the frames and also it kinda takes a long time to make even simple animations. The hardest part is finding the right sound effects to be honest, I even took some right off of some of the Trollhunters episodes to make it work. 

Anyway, this little story is about, yeah you guessed it, my OC Zalma and Gunmar’s first meeting and eventual relationship. The story is kinda longish and I got some stuff planned for it. I hope I’ll be able to finish it and not drop it like I usually do with my other *big projects*.. Enjoy! Dont know when the next part will be up, I’ll try to do it as soon as I can  

Some credits:

Dark music theme is from here