WaggToons: What is the new Deviantart Logo by JoeyWaggoner

Deviantart recently changed their logo.
…I do not like it. I think it just looks stupid and what better way to poke fun at it than to have my characters the WaggToons wonder what the heck it’s supposed to be.
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Here’s a look at the inked cover and process of my fan comic I’m working one for next month, The No Zone Archives!

For those who are not familiar with this project, The comic focuses on the Archie Sonic verse No Zone and the characters who live (and work) there. Unlike my previous fan comic, The G.U.N. Project, this is less action heavy and focuses more on comedy.

The first issue will serve as an introduction of short stories about (some) of the No Zone characters. Some will be shorter than others.

I haven’t figured out when January it will officially start, but I’m hoping to finish coloring and lettering enough pages to update at least three days a week.

Anyway, I had a blast writing the first issue! Hope you guys are looking forward to it as much as I am!

WaggToons Reboot Redesigns by JoeyWaggoner

It’s about time I revealed these.

As I’ve said several times before the WaggToons are being Rebooted and as such I’ve decided to redesign them (Well half of them, Zingo and Boppo are pretty much the same and Zally is just given new shoes).

The reason why I decided to reboot the series in the first place was because I didn’t like the direction the series was going in (plus some of those comics were pretty bad), so I decided to clean the slate and start off again from page one. It took me awhile to try to decide on what this reboot should be like, several ideas and redesigns were thrown out (in fact the opening storyline was rewritten three times). However now I’ve got the right script and I’m moving forward. I’m really proud of what I have scripted and what I have planned so far and I think I’ve finally managed to find the voice of the series.

So toon in to this winter (I don’t have a set date yet) for the start of a whole new WaggToons world, with some old friends and some new characters as well. Hope you enjoy the new comics and remember to stay tooned!

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WaggToons Logo designed by Phillipfga

The No Zone Archives - Issue One (Cover)

There are countless dimensions and realities that exists in the universe, they’re known as Zones. Each one is unique in it’s own way. But there are evil forces out there that threatens to destroy the balance of these realities. Follow the (mis)adventures of the trans-dimensional police force, known as the Zone Cops as they keep the balance between dimensions! (Or at least try to…..)

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Zalli speaks the deep truth of Elsen Kind.

(not kidding here o-o i wrote this in a live stream while being an elsen and zalli is techincally an elsen of an entire zone… sooo yeah the thing is these points are pretty damn true when you look at hte facts)