More No Zone concepts sketches!

Prof. Zinitevus - A brilliant man who specializes in all things SCIENCE… and some aspects of medicine. The Professor is a rather calm and quiet person, who’s often very nonchalant about mostly everything. No matter how dire the situation can be.

Zally - The No Zone district attorney (and occasional legal aid for everything). She’s dedicated to her job and putting the most vile scum of the universe behind sideways bars. But She’s often over worked and underpaid. She’s also quite shy and a bit of a klutz.

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The No Zone Archives - Issue One (Cover)

There are countless dimensions and realities that exists in the universe, they’re known as Zones. Each one is unique in it’s own way. But there are evil forces out there that threatens to destroy the balance of these realities. Follow the (mis)adventures of the trans-dimensional police force, known as the Zone Cops as they keep the balance between dimensions! (Or at least try to…..)

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