Because Of Youtube...

I have my own makeup artist

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I have my own personal tour guide 

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I have my own role model

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I have my own comedians

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I have my own poet

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I have my own songwriter

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I have my own therapist

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I have my own nerd enthusiasts

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I have my own greatest love story

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and I have my own teammate

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Except here’s the thing.

They’re not my own. 

They’re ours

Because of YouTube. 

I know. Y’all are concerned about d+p being in America. But making the Orlando attacks about them is extremely disrespectful. 

Saying ‘Let’s get danandphilcomehome trending on twitter’ doesn’t solve anything and make us seem like the most disgusting and selfish fandom in the history. 

D+P are at this moment in Vegas, which means they are nowhere near Orlando. With that being said, they obviously have security around to protect them. 

You may be concerned about them. I am concerned too. But open your fucking eyes. Do you really think that they want us to make a hasthag trending so they come home? This tour is their child and they would never give it up so easily. They will be home in a few days and they will be fine, I promise :) Please consider thinking twice when you post this kind of stuff. Because if this happens too much we seem so awful. But in reality the phandom is a beautiful place to be :) let’s keep it that way! Making every problem, attack or accident about Dan and Phil will not solve anything. What will they say anout us?

They Said...

It was temporary

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It was just an obsession

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I was too dedicated

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I would grow out of it

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They would fade 

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They would be forgotten

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It was just a phase

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Well, guess what?

They were wrong