They’re such a stunning couple I swear if they break up I will fuckin die

But I don’t think they will break up and I’m not just saying it because I ship Zalfie. I believe everyone has a soulmate, I believe Zoe found hers and Alfie found his.

Help Me Meet Alfie!

Ok Tumblr,

So if you haven’t heard already Alfie, Pointlessblog, is potentially doing a UK tour. Last night, he posted a poll. Listing several cities here in the UK, in order for us to vote which ones we’d like him to attend. I adore Alfie and his videos, however I’ve never had the chance to meet him since I live no where near any YouTube conventions. This tour is potentially my only ever chance of meeting Alfie. Therefore I’d appreciate your help.

If you could please click this link then click “Newcastle Upon Tyne” and scroll down to vote. I would really appreciate it, as would many others!

Thanks Tumblr!