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what is your current opinion on zoe and alfie? do you think they're together and hiding it, they're on the verge of being together, or they're not together at all? could you also say why you think that? thank you x

okay well i’m going to go into a slight rant here so bare with. I’m not sure whether i think they’re together or w/e but what i do know is that I have close male friends and in the past i spent too much time with one of them and i grew strong feelings for them. Now I’ve been thinking about it and i have this for you;  after christmas Alfie went to stay with Zoe and Joe. Then in february zoe stayed in London with Alfie for like a week and they went to see Les Mis, and then Zoe went back to Brighton with Alfie when he was going back to see family. She then went back to London with him for One Direction. Skip forward and you have them going to the Isle of Wight for like a week, a place that means alot to Zoe. They then spent over a week together in Florida before seeming to jet off to Paris as soon as they got back. They’ve then basically seemed to see eachother nearly everyday since then, not forgetting the stay with Jim & Tanya.  So yeah they may just be REALLY close friends but yeahh


So yeah…..on Sunday 2/22/15 there is going to be a tumblr meetup. I want to interact with you guys a little more and this is always the best way to do it. It does not matter if you ship TROYLER, TRONNOR, PHAN, ZALFIE YOU DONT HAVE TO SHIP ANYONE I DONT CARE just come and tell people about yourselves and who ya ship (if you do) and where your from and all that other good stuff :)

put everything under #Shipsofyoutubetumblrmeetup so everyone can see it.