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Zim and Keef maybe?

Send me any IZ ship and I’ll write a drabble about it.

Keef always enjoyed his sense of spontaneity and excitement. It was what kept driving him to do more and to be more.

The past couple of weeks, though, were different. He didn’t seem quite so driven anymore. As he grew older, it became more and more apparent about how lonely he was. The kids in school were known to avoid him since he was often too… cheery.

Keef sat at one of the tables in the cafeteria, setting down his tray. He was glad that one of the bullies didn’t toss it aside like normal days. In fact, Keef was fortunate to see that his main bully, Terrence, was surprisingly absent that day. While he was lonely, he would at least be able to eat in peace that day.

That is… until a green kid decided to take a seat across from him.

“Zim?” Keef asked, his eyes perking open a bit. Zim was certainly far calmer than he used to be, though that was often attributed to the fact that he was now a banished invader and had to disguise himself as a human for an eternity.

“Hey, Keef,” Zim said in a low voice. This was the first time that Zim had spoken to Keef since the incident several years ago. Zim was just surprised that Keef managed to survive all of that. The silence grew between them and all that could be heard was Zim slurping from his irken cola, though there was a big smiley-face sticker covering the irken logo. Zim may not have been a part of the irken empire anymore, but his tastes were still the same.

Keef couldn’t bear the silence anymore. “How are you?”

Zim looked up from his food. There was no way that he was going to eat the slop. “Ooookay, I guess? What are you getting at, Keef? Investigating me?”

“Just asking a question,” Keef said, acting a bit shy. Seeing Zim definitely brought nice memories back. The short time that he was best friends with Zim was something he cherished. “Do you want to hang out again sometime?” he asked.

Zim blinked a couple of times, then twirled his fork through his mashed potatoes. “I suppose I can move around my schedule to hang out with you, Keef.”

“Okay! I-I’ll see you at your place. Tomorrow after school! Is that okay?” And suddenly, the old Keef was back again.

“Yeah, whatever.”

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((I found a bunch of these in my ask, so I’ll just write little drabbles for them. xD I don’t know what they were originally for.))

The boy looked down at the chocolate that littered the floor. He hadn’t expected a thank you from Zim or even a smile, but he had certainly not expected them to be thrown in his face. He bit his lip, trembling as all eyes in the hall were on him. They didn’t laugh or point or even whisper to each other. They just stared.

He slowly walked to the bathroom, eyes watering, to find some solace in his own reflection.