In Japan you say Fuji-san

We’re quite pleased with this limited release of Mount Fuji inspired envelopes and sticky notes. We recommend the envelopes for making a statement when submitting important application documents (well, up to you). The sticky notes are good for students or your average forget-me-not memo taking endeavors. And the set makes a nice little gift for someone. :)

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paper jetsetter

geografia is a product series out of Japan that employs geography, topography and the earth as themes. Their range of products draw on special processing techniques and printing technology methods. They aim to attribute a tangible shape allowing its user to experience information. 

These globes start as flat packed pieces of die-cut paper board. Each one has a different emphasis in the information contained on the globe, affecting how you relate to it. Many are dual-language (English on one side and Japanese on the other) and also include information about the inner composition of the planet itself. Very fun to assemble, admire, and a nice gift for the map-obsessed.

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Say Hello to Your New Buddy

T-Lab is a new shop favorite, and I think we can all see why. Each animal is chiseled from fast-growing White Albizia wood and sanded by hand by the artist. Preserving the shape of the original chisel requires considerable proficiency, but it means that each animal holds a unique expression. T-Lab takes care to replant the Albizia wood on their farmland in Indonesia “to give back to the earth as a manufacturer”.

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Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Series

We’ve struggled not to make menagerie jokes, but here we are doing it anyway. This series of notebooks from Midori takes the characteristics of five different animals and incorporates them into four different sizes of notebook. 

The Kangaroo has looseleaf with pockets.

The Camel features welcoming brown kraft paper with a coarse texture.

The Polar Bear’s paper is crisp snow white and suited for fountain pen writing.

The Elephant has thick grey card stock, perfect for scrapbooking.

And the Honeybee notebooks are full of keepsake window sheets, for collecting memories. 

Which one suits your tastes the best?

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New In

PELLE Soap Stones are amazing smelling glycerin soaps intended for both use and display. Consisting of all natural, vegetable-based soap ingredients, the Soap Stones are made and hand cut in their Brooklyn studio. Create an exquisite display of colorful soaps on a sill, shelf or mantle – or place them by the sink for your guests as a delightful surprise.

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We haven’t had these guys on the website yet, but this is the 2nd landing of the most excellent Craftholic alien squad from outer space. Their gentle kindness and understanding personalities cannot be dismissed. Their huggability rating is extremely high. We recommend a stop to the shop if you’re in the area to make friends immediately.


Scandinavia Labels & Stickers Dictionary

We like this sticker booklet from Korean design house because it’s an excellent companion to the “wrap everything in kraft paper like it’s a parcel” gift presentation style (which is my favorite––I don’t have 40 rolls of washi tape for no reason!). It’s also handy for labeling food gifts, and sealing letters to penpals. Recommended! 

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A Mark’s Original Notebook Calendar Story:

On staying organized and not growing up

We’ve carried Mark’s Original Notebook Calendar since we opened in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I started using one. It was pink and one of the last in stock, and I needed something lightweight. I’m the type of person who dresses in all black and grey, but welcomes uncharacteristic pops of color in my accessories. So while pink wouldn’t have been my first choice, I always got a kick out of pulling out this bubblegum pink planner––sort of like in movies when the mysterious race car driver pulls off their helmet and it’s revealed that they were a beautiful woman, like oh my goodness this tomboy likes pink?!

Once December rolled around, I needed to start writing down plans for January. Time to get my 2014 calendar going, I thought. But what color? The charcoal seemed obvious, but once I bought it and got home I thought, dude this is boring. I can’t wear all black and have all black accessories, I’m not that serious. So I busted out my sticker collection and washi tapes and went to work decorating.

The Notebook Calendars are chic just the way they are, but I’m super pleased with the customization I’ve done. There’s stickers I’ve had since grade school Scholastic days on there! Stickers that I bought at the shop before I worked here, stickers I got while I studied abroad in Osaka, stickers from the dollar store (Betty Boop, I’m looking at you), all cute and weird and collaged together in a way that makes me really happy.

I’m not saying that everyone should go sticker crazy on their planner like me, but I do think people should take care to do small things like this that make them happy and remind them of who they are and who they want to be. There’s a lot going on in the world that wants to keep you stuck in place. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you’re tryng to do with yourself. I say, write it down in a place you won’t forget, so you can keep planning ahead.

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