Imagine your individual and collective mist being so strong that you and your bae are around the big brother house trying to hide your showmance while openly  being domestic,  sexual and generally deeply into each other but still fooling your closest allie into thinking you’re just not that into each other. Zaulies gameplay is outstanding. When will your ship?

Daddy Dearest || Xenia & Zaki

The sound of clicking heels would forever be one of Xenia’s most favourite things, and that was saying something considering her lavish tastes. Moving through the hallway, the young succubus didn’t even bother to spare a glance at the numerous people who paused to stare as she walked by. She’d arrived at the Island a couple hours ago, making quite an entrance by snapping at a guard who didn’t think to carry her bags to her room for her. What, did he expect her to do it or something? Ha. Very funny. 

Casually inspecting her perfectly manicured nails, Xenia hummed a little tune to herself she continued to wander about the Island. Her presence at the Institute, as far as anyone who knew her was concerned, was just a spontaneous decision. Not even her mother knew the true intentions behind her enrollment, and with good reason. Gloria Rosales would probably have a lot to say about her hiring a PI to track Zaki down, no doubt. 

Xenia knew it was only a matter of time before she ran into that absentee father of hers, but she was still a little caught off guard when she happened to pass a door with ‘Zaki Okoye’ printed on the front. Coming to a stop just outside the door, she stared at it for a moment as a rueful little smirk tugged at her lips. How long had it been since the last time she saw him? Did it even matter? 

Shrugging it off, Xenia squared her shoulders before she pushed the door open without bothering to knock, striding into the room as if she owned the place. He hardly even had the chance to look up from his papers before she was dropping down into one of the chairs on the other side of the table. Leaning back in the cushioned chair, she smoothly kicked her Christian Louboutin clad feet up onto the corner of his desk, crossing them at the ankles. “You look kinda familiar,” she said tauntingly, a smirk on her full lips as she tilted her head at the older man. “Do I know you?”


Sometimes when I’m sad I remind myself that based on my age I would be drawn taller in children’s cartoons because I’m an adult despite the fact that most children are bigger than me in real life.

It’s comforting