SWTOR: “Rescue” part 1

Pairing: K’Zana [K’Surda/Zakash/Lana]

Words: 1004

A/N: @commander-kulan and I have been messing with this AU!OT3 idea of ours for a while. See here for her character K’Surda, and mine for Zakash. This is an excerpt detailing what would occur of these two banded together during KotFE, specifically the beginning of Chapter 3. There’ll likely be more to follow /o/

Preface: K’Surda and Zakash faced Vitiate/Valkorian together and brought him down, only to be arrested while semi-unconscious by Arcan in an attempt to turn Zakuul against them. K’Surda is placed into carbonite, but the fate of Zakash wasn’t entirely known. Thus two of the Galaxy’s greatest heroes have all but disappeared, waiting for someone to break them out before it’s too late…

HK’s modulated voice was not what K’Surda expected to hear after getting stabbed by Vaylin, and yet oddly she preferred that sequence of events to the image of her own assassination droid pointing a blaster at her. Granted that blaster was actually an injection gun, loaded with something that had to be highly illegal with how much kick it contained, though it still didn’t help matters. Neither did the pain that etched through her muscles as she latched onto her droid to keep steady.

“Greetings: Welcome back, Master. It is a pleasure to see you again and relatively intact!” HK continued babbling on while K’Surda tried to regain a sense of her surroundings. Her location hadn’t really changed.

“Caution: You may experience a bit of carbonite sickness for the next coming hours. Symptoms include: blindness, nausea, muscle weakness, periodic fatigue and headaches. Reassurance: Master Beniko states you do not have carbonite poisoning, however, you shall recover far more quickly than your Sith zabrak friend.”

K'Surda’s brows furrowed with Zakash’s screams still fresh in her mind. At least it meant she was alive. “What about her?”

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commander-kulan  asked:

Zakana, ofc - 1, 23, 33, 38 and 44

^.^ these twooooo

1. How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?

Before KotFE, Zakash was always the one encouraging Lana to put down the Intelligence work and get some sleep. After KotFE, Lana tends to be the one who encourages normal sleeping patterns. Bonus: Lana likes to stroke Zakash’s horns and trace her tattoos while they cuddle. It helps Zakash relax… before and after sex.

For the mornings, Zakash has small tribal rituals she completes to start her day, blessings to the Gods and reading passages of zabrak heritage and religious teachings. I imagine Lana entering a meditative trance listening to Zakash as well.

Lana also discovered that Zakash enjoys walking around her apartment completely nude when she doesn’t have anywhere else to be not that lana really minds, she gets to see those full body tattoos more often :3

23. How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

Zakash is the biggest flirt, let me just point that out. She will tease Lana whenever possible and loves to point out that Lana is really attractive by various means (she’s also ridiculous and sends ‘thoughts’ to Lana to fluster her when they’re not doing important business.) It’s sometimes like a game for them, as Lana almost always finds a way to get her back.

Comfort for them both is a big deal. Their bond is helpful for giving the other strength and send soothing thoughts when they’re having a difficult day. Little touches here and there, plus cuddling on the couch without much words are their strong suit, though they do talk with each other, their bond allows them to not have to communicate in that way so often.

33. What kind of presents do they get each other? Do they only do it on special occasions?

Neither of them are really into presents unless it’s on special occasions. Lana is very mindful of Zabraki “holidays”/special dates and they both will partake in gift exchanges. Lana’s incredibly sentimental, while Zakash is always sure to find something culture related (either with the Force or other Aliens) that’s interesting to give Lana.

38. What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

Lana has learned very well that if she intends to reciprocate her affection to Zakash during sex, she’ll have to ‘finish’ her partner off first before Zakash gets a chance to go at her - else Zakash’s stamina ends up leaving Lana nearly immobile for a while without fail.

From Lana’s own flirtatious nature, Zakash has discovered she enjoys being shoved against a wall or into bed. Lana being in control is a very big turn on for her. Lana’s biggest “turn on” is Zakash holding her down while being - erm, ‘devoured’ shall we say ;D

44. Are the comfortable with each other? Anything they have to have their privacy for?

They’re incredibly comfortable with each other. Lana’s intrigue with other cultures was really helpful for Zakash to feel relaxed when they were getting to know each other. Being able to explore and perform her cultural ‘duties’ without judgment is a weight off her shoulders (especially when it was such a big issue between her and Quinn back in the day).

Zakash on occasion will leave for solitude for an hour or two when she’s overly stressed and doesn’t want to disturb Lana, though her partner usually finds her anyway and they cuddle.

Messing around with Zakash clone is making me realize that Jaesa and Vette would have encouraged her to explore more of her Zabraki heritage, specifically after Baras betrays her. She’s lost and now chained to being the Wrath against her will and better judgement, but Baras needs to die so she must keep going and to do that she needs to find a reason to care. She finds that with her father’s clan, but at the cost of slowly estranging Quinn.

I’ll be over here in a puddle of feels thank u