zak long


After a long time, I’m gonna get this off my chest.

Reason why I can’t tolerate being on here as much is because people keep talking about Zak and how much of a bad person he supposedly is. I’m just gonna jump into it.

Zak Bagans is problematic, no doubt about it. Yes, there are some disturbing things about him. He has made many mistakes, but who hasn’t? We weren’t made to be perfect. Zak included. Hence why we call him a problematic fav.

Countless rumors have been made about him within the past few months. These rumors have been going around since the middle of last summer actually. Instead of dying down, they keep growing and growing and quite frankly it is becoming tiresome. I remember when this fandom used to be fun and all we did was harmlessly joke about our five favorite dorky and childish white guys who hunt ghosts for a living.

But before we talk about Zak, people have also been saying Ghost Adventures is fake. That’s okay. Everyone has opinions, not everyone is a believer. That is the point of the show anyways: showing believers and non-believers there is something beyond death. But how can they be faking it with the dedication, excitement, and passion they hold for it? You can’t fake that. Sure, some things are sketchy, but that is another point. The paranormal makes you skeptical and you’re supposed to wonder.

NOW onto Zak.

Zak Bagans: abuser, misogynist, psychotic. That isn’t all I’ve heard but those are the top three nowadays.

I don’t know where the abuser theory came from but I’m gonna assume it’s what can be found on The Dirty. I looked at it myself and I went even deeper and found a forum. All of the stories are nearly the same. I say nearly because there is very slight modification to each one. He said in I Am Haunted he has to take people to court and get restraining orders on stalkers. What does that say?

Just because he had a dungeon does not mean he abuses people. He had it because he’s into dark stuff, not because he has that kind of mind. Considering what he does for a living, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tell me how/when has he treated women badly. I have never seen him treat a single female horribly, nor have I seen him lay a hand on anyone. He would never let the people around him be harmed and he would not take advantage of them, or hurt them.

For the whole psychotic deal—first off, I’m gonna make it clear I don’t kiss his ass. I acknowledge his flaws. Another thing he said in I Am Haunted is he thinks and dreams about harming and/or murdering people, and I do find that extremely worrisome. I know someone is gonna take that strip and what I said above and try turning it into an argument. But did he say he does it’s on his mind 24/7? No. Did he say he would take action? No. 

We gotta remember he went and filmed a documentary in a house that was infested with more than two hundred demons. If you think he walked out of there fine and dandy, you’re wrong. It could be one of the many reasons he has changed so much, and become serious with Ghost Adventures.

Obviously I’m bullshitting this rant. I’m just getting tired of seeing the rumors and I want to be able to enjoy the fandom again. Zak is not a bad person. He is FAR from being psychotic. People are allowed to see him the way they do but don’t be trying to make him sound like a monster.

Before I close this rant: I’ve heard there are people who believe he is so fucked up, the tweet he posted about Theodore having a stroke is for show. When he posted the tweet, he started it saying “UPDATE.” Do you guys seriously think he would joke about that?

Rant = done.