zak bagins


Got to meet the GAC. It was a pain in the ass trying to get there, but it was a lot of fun. The crew were super friendly and they tried to get photos with everyone and sign everything. I never got to get a pic with zak, but everyone was crowding him and I felt really bad.
But I got Aaron and zak to sign my phone.


let’s check in with Zak BAGins 

poor aaron bby

nick and zak are so mean to you! but you make the best faces and are really silly even if you’re a bit slow to realize things sometimes! it makes me sad when you try to give input and zak gives you that “wtf why are you talking” look or the “omg stfu you are so stupid” look.

also meanie ghosts have called you a fat baldie before

dats not ok

i like zak because he’s ridiculously bad/overdramatic and such but i love you because you’re just the silliest character in the whole show!