Zain’s Summer Slimdown Smoothie 

For those of you looking to lean out before summer ‘officially’ arrives, this is the smoothie for you!  Not only will it get you 'moving smoothly’ if ya know what I mean, it will also keep you full and nourished with bioavailable nutrients, protein and healthy fat.  

Starvation will get you nowhere so ditch the cleanses and fasts and stick with clean eating and fiber-rich foods that taste delicious! Leaning out is all about loving yourself NOT torturing yourself.


¾ Cup Unsweetened Almond OR Flax Milk

¼ Cup Coconut Water 

½ Cup Organic Raspberries

¼ Cup Organic Blueberries

½ Frozen Banana (optional)

½ Tbsp Coconut Butter OR 2 Tsp Coconut Oil

1 Cup Organic Spinach

¼ Cup Alfalfa Sprouts

½ Tbsp Flax Seeds

1 Scoop SUNWARRIOR VANILLA WARRIOR BLEND (or protein of your choice)

1 Tsp SUNWARRIOR ORMUS GREENS (or greens powder of your choice)

2 Capsules Vegan Probiotics

3-4 Cubes Ice


1. Blend all ingredients in your Vitamix or blender, serve immediately.

I encourage you to check out the awesome Stripped For Summer challenge that the Eat-Clean Diet and Tosca Reno have created just in time for summer!