Zain’s Cherry & Almond Ice Cream (Vegan & Anti-Inflammatory)

It is becoming clear how much of an impact inflammation in the body has on health and illness. 

For us active, fit types, it is critical to make a point of reducing our inflammation that is a natural reaction to regular physical training.  I am sure that the majority of us are already clean eaters and pay attention to the foods we choose; however, there are many foods that we may not be including in our diets that help to reduce inflammation in a big way so it’s important to consider them.  Some of my favourite anti-inflammatory foods are: cherries, almonds, spinach, avocado, seaweed, lemons, beets, sprouts and cucumber.

This ice cream takes banana soft serve to a whole new level and is the perfect inflammation fighting, post-workout treat for the summer.


1 Frozen Banana

1 Cup Frozen Cherries (pitted)

½ Scoop SUNWARRIOR Vanilla OR Protein Powder of Your Choice

½ Tbsp Almond Butter

1/8 Tsp Natural Almond Extract (optional)

*I also like to add 1oz Frozen Avocado to this :D


1. Blend all ingredients together and serve immediately.