Sacred Winter Solstice Meditation

 - solstice 9:11am PST December 21st, 2013 - 

On this darkest day of 2013, it is important to celebrate the darkness within ourselves that the year has brought.  Through our darkness and by embracing both the darkness and the light within us, is the way in which we are able to transform/grow/change/evolve.

There is a beautiful quote that I love that says, ‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional.’  

As we come to our final days of 2013, let this Winter Solstice Meditation be your gift to yourself.  What of your darkness do you wish to transform?

1. Find a dark, quiet, comfortable place and sit with your spine long and connect to your breath.

2. As you breathe, feel any areas of darkness, blockages, or fears that you are holding inside of your body by moving through each of your your 8 chakras (take a few deep breaths bringing your awareness to each chakra) starting with your root, sacral, core, heart, throat, third-eye, crown and your aura.

3. As you inhale, allow the darkness, blockage or fear to illuminate for your what you need to release or find the courage to let go of.  Once you identify this (your intuition will guide you to it, take as long as you need in each chakra) and as you exhale, bow in gratitude to this darkness and feel what it may be like to release this from your being (again, take all the time you need).

4. Now, place your hands on your heart and feel any fears that are surfacing from the release. This part may be very challenging but the offering here is to really sit with the discomfort and accept the discomfort for several breaths until you truly feel you have released your grip.

5. Notice any area where you are holding still and without judgement and envision a white light pouring into the top of your head through your crown, purifying your body and washing away all of the darkness, blockages and/or fears like a river running right through you.

6. Take a moment with your eyes closed to breathe and integrate with the nourishing thoughts that you have released all that you needed to and are ready, like the earth, to step into the light for your New Year ahead.

Sat Nam Namaste

Happy Winter Solstice