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Tomb of Mohammad’s granddaughter
Zainab, the daughter of Ali in Damascus, Syria

Zainab accompanied her brother Hussain, as did most of his household to Iraq. After Hussain and all his 72 companions were brutally killed at the Battle of Karbala by the order of Yazid, Zainab was taken captive by the army of Yazid. Zainab and the other survivors of Hussain’s expedition, most of them women and children, were marched to Damascus, Yazid’s capital, where they were held hostage.
Zainab, already in anguish due to the death of her brother Hussain and her sons was forced to march unveiled and beaten. This was an extreme indignity to inflict on a high-ranking woman, the granddaughter of Muhammad.

I ask the Prophet 
Who was more patient
He or his granddaughter Zainab?
I do not deny you lost many children
Yet Zainab was forced to watch
As you were slaughtered twice
In one afternoon.


“I see nothing but beauty.” -Zainab (sa) in the court of the Caliph Yazid when mocked and asked, “How did you find the way Allah treated your brother and your family?” 

الغَضَبُ نارٌ مُوقَدَةٌ مَنْ كَظَمَهُ أطْفأَها وَمَنْ أَطْلَقَهُ كان أوَّلَ مُحْتَرِقٍ بِها

Anger is a raging fire who represses it has put
it out and who releases it will be the first burnt by it.

—  Imam Ali (AS)

An excerpt from the Movie SHAHEED E KUFA, Imam Ali (as).

When Imam Ali (as) walks towards the Masjid for prayers, wakes up Ibn Muljim (la) for fajr prayers and while at sujood he structs Imam Ali (as) with a poisonous sword. Qutamah (la) who ordered to Kill Imam Ali (as) turns into a Fox. 

Ya Ali (as) 💔😭

My father Muhammad ibn Ali has said that he asked Ali ibn al-Husayn, Alayhima al-Salam about how he was transported by Yazid.

He (Imam), Alayhi al-Salam replied, “He placed me on camel without saddle and the head of al Husayn, Alayhi al-Salam, was raised on a flag pole and our women were behind us on mule without saddles with many people behind and around us with spears. If the eye of anyone of us showed tears that person’s head would be hit with a spear until we entered Damascus; an announcer shouted, "O inhabitants of al-sham these are the captives of Ahl al-Bayt (family) of the condemned one.”

Source [Bihar al-Anwar Volume 45, hadith 259, ch 39, hadith 2]

Tell Me of the Women of Karbala

When the moon cried as she left the skies.
When the sky wept as day was approaching.
When the sun rose in agony,
regretting the bringing forth of a day that would only draw in on calamities.
When the earth trembled in fear.
When the river Euphrates broke down in tears,
hoping her banks would overflow and reach the tents of Aale-Hussain.

Not a grain of sand that day missed the witnessing of brutality.
Not even an atom that day missed the witnessing of the greatest injustice.
The cosmos fell to its knees as she witnessed the ultimate crime.

The wind felt the pain of spears and arrows piercing through her,
before they pierced heroes.
Physical wounds of our heroes translated into emotional and psychological wounds of our heroines.
Piercing right through their hearts, minds and souls,
with injustice, oppression and betrayal,
over and over again.

Heroines the likes of Zainab, Ummul Baneen, Layla, and Sakina to only name a few,
who withstood the harassment, torture and disrespect all their lives,
yet still remained tall knowing the message also lies in their hands.
That without their strength, courage, bravery,
intellectual and spiritual wisdom,
the true message of Islam would have been no more.

Tell me of women
stronger than an army of 30,000 cowardly so-called men!

Tell me of women
more powerful and influential than a self-promoted dictator!

Tell me of women
who saw the wisdom of God’s plan over the plans of politicians!

Tell me of women
who did not change their identity due to fear of their lives!

Tell me of women
who stood strong for one another and for Islam,
when they were humiliated and harassed daily
from every corner of every city they entered.

For one side of the story was so eloquently portrayed,
But the second half got semi-lost in translation,
Or dare I say,
Lost in misconceptions of women
perceived as only grieving and crying passively,
Of only hair turning grey;
Of only imminent death due to incessant grieving.

Tell me of the valour of women
who were actively making a difference;
actively standing up against ignorance and injustices.

Tell me
how they awoke the masses from ignorance.

Tell me
how they turned hearts of stone into cradles of light.

Tell me of women,
who spoke so eloquently yet fiercely
that the very foundations of illegitimacy crumbled in shame right before them.

Tell me of The Women of Karbala…

Written by Neda Sariri @auzubillah

It is reported that Fatema before her departure, called her daughter Zainab to her and willed to her that on the day when Husain would ask her for some torn clothes, it will be the last departure of Husain from her (Zainab), the to kiss Husain on her behalf on Husain’s throat on whi ch will pass the sword of Shimar the assassin.
—  Husain The Saviour of Islam, S. V, Ahmed Ali

“When the enemy triumphantly asked Zaynab al-Kubra (sa) to describe what she had seen, she said, “I did not see anything but beauty.” Her brothers, her children, her dear ones, her closest companions, and many others had been violently killed in front of her eyes. She had seen the enemy put their heads on spears, but she said, “I did not see anything but beauty.”

Now try to combine this beauty with the narration according to which Zaynab al-Kubra (sa) did not fail to say her midnight prayers even on the eleventh day of Muharram [the day after Ashura].

Her relationship with Allah the Exalted was not undermined during her captivity. On the contrary, her relationship with God was strengthened. She is a role model.”

— Ayatollah Khamenei

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