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Zain’s Raw Nutella

Raw chocolate + hazelnuts = my idea of heaven and I know that I’m not alone out here.

This is my raw, delicious and healthy recipe for the classic favourite Nutella.  I have many chocolate-hazelnut recipes on my blog and website but I realized that I have never shared this recipe with you and it’s one of my favs.

I normally whip up a batch of this every week or so and in my place and use it as a healthy spread on pancakes, sprouted breads or crackers and with fruit.

I have also been known to barbecue with this spread adding red chilli powder to it and marinating tofu or other proteins in it…it’s pretty amazing…the South and Central American cultures were definitely onto something here.

***Note, this recipe tends to disappear pretty quickly so I am not actually sure how long it keeps refrigerated but my guess is that it stays for at least a couple of weeks.


1 cup Raw Cacao Butter (I use Organic Lives Brand) 1 cup Cacao Nibs 21/2 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder 2 cups Organic Hazelnuts (soaked for at least a few hours and rinsed) OR ½ Cup Organic Hazelnut Butter 1 Tbsp Liquid Stevia, 1/8 Cup Stevia OR ¼ Cup Agave OR Raw Honey OR Sweetener of your choice ¼ Tsp Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
1. Place measured cacao butter in a warm place next to the stove or in the sun and allow to melt.

2. Using a food processor combine all ingredients, including melted cacao butter and blend until completely smooth. 

3. Store in a glass mason jar or other glassware and refrigerate.
***Note, you may top this with chopped hazelnuts for a crunchy Nutella (I have not included this in the recipe value)
1 Serving = 1 Tbsp

Flashback Friday: Zain’s PB & J French Toast

This is the perfect breakfast to serve this weekend. It’s clean comfort food that will be a big hit with anyone at the table (kids love this one!).

Rich with bioavailable nutrients, protein, wholegrain carbs, healthy fats and the best combination ever…chunky peanut butter & natural jam.

*Makes 1 Serving

*Note: You may adjust the nut butter and jam to your desired serving ratios.


2 Slices Sprouted Grain Bread (Manna Bread or Ezekiel Bread are best)

5 Egg Whites + 1 Whole Egg *Vegans Sub 10Tbsp Egg Replacer + 1 Flax Egg

2 Tbsp Unsweetened Almond Milk

½ Tbsp Gluten-Free Baking Powder

¼ Tsp Natural Vanilla

1/16 Tsp Powdered Stevia OR ¼ Ripe Banana

½-1 Tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter

½-1 Tbsp Natural (Unsweetened) Strawberry OR Raspberry Jam

¼ Cup Fresh Strawberries to Top (optional)

½ Tbsp Natural Maple Syrup


1. In Magic Bullet, blend egg & egg whites *or vegan ingredients with almond milk, baking powder, vanilla and sweeter or banana until frothy and pour into a wide bowl.

2. Heat a non-stick skillet (greased or ungreased).

3. Meanwhile, dip/soak the sprouted bread into the egg mixture until both sides are fully coated. Do not leave the bread in the mixture or it will get soggy.

4. Place the soaked bread(s) on your skillet and cook until golden on both sides.

5. Spread the peanut butter & jelly onto one slice and top with the other. Drizzle with maple syrup and serve hot.


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Summer Salad Series - Zain’s Vineyard Tomato, Basil & Buffalo MIlk Burrata Salad with Wild Barbecued Salmon

This is my clean spin on on of my all time favourite’s the Italian classic Tricolor Ensalata.

With all of those beautiful, fragrant, summer tomatoes and herb planters stuff with gorgeous varieties of basil, this luscious salad will be a hit at any party or barbecue.

**Makes 2 Servings

***Prep Time 5 minutes, Cook Time 5-7 Minutes


5oz Wild Salmon (I normally BBQ on a cedar plank)

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1 Clove Garlic (minced)

Pesto Sauce

½ Cup Fresh Basil

½ Tbsp Pecorino (optional)

2 Tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Pine Nuts OR 8g Walnuts

1 Wild Garlic Clove

Himalayan Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper To Taste


2 Large Organic Heirloom Tomatoes (thickly sliced, choose various shapes and hues)

½ Cup Organic Grape Tomatoes (whole)

4 Organic Vine Ripened Tomatoes (sliced)

1/8 Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes (un-soaked, finely chopped)

4oz Buffalo Milk Cheese OR Burrata (if competing, opt for a low-fat buffalo milk cheese or Low Fat Ricotta)

5-7 Fresh Basil Leaves (some chopped, some whole)


1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Drizzle of Balsamic Reduction OR Balsami Oil

1 Tbsp Pesto

Himalayan Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper to Taste


1. Heat barbecue. Place salmon on a large piece of aluminum foil and marinate in syrup and garlic.

2. Prepare pesto by lightly blending all ingredients in a food processor OR use a mortar and pestle to grind ingredients together.  Set aside.

3. Once barbecue is heated, fold aluminum foil and create a pouch with the salmon in the middle.  Leave a slight opening for air and place on the top rack of the grill.  Barbecue until tender approximately 3 minutes on one side then 2-3 on the other. 

4. Meanwhile, prepare and plate salad ingredients and either spoon or cut buffalo cheese and arrange in a pattern with basil leaves.

5. Top salad with ½ dressing and once salmon is cooked use a fork to flake pieces over the salad and cover with the remaning dressing.  Garnish with basil and or fresh lemon or lemon juice. Serve immediately.


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Truth is, we are all blessed with the perfect genes it just comes down to proving it to our brainwashed minds through a process of clean eating, training, sleeping. Then rinse and repeat!

—  Zain Saraswati Jamal

Is the holiday season leaving you stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious?

You’re definitely not alone. We have all been over-stressed in some capacity, and unfortunately our adrenal glands are suffering the consequences.

In my healing process, I’ve turned to nature to bring peace and tranquility back to the body. I’ll show you how and why in my latest video.

Zain’s Summer Salad Series

With summer in its full and glorious swing, I have been celebrating clean eating and fresh produce with some awesome and inventive salads that I am so excited to share.

You may recall my Salad Meals with some of my favourite recipes but in this series, I plan to use local, fresh ingredients that are in season right now!

This being my birthday week and all, I would like to share one special summer salad recipe with you each day this week, starting today!  Sound good?

I am sure as clean eaters, you are all salad masters; however, it is always awesome to see how others enjoy this perfect warm weather meal.


Just because you’ve committed to a clean diet doesn’t mean that you have to avoid restaurants all together. 

So how can you eat healthy while dining out? Watch my video and I’ll show you how.