I hope he calls you beautiful.

I hope he makes you blush bright red.

I hope he finds out that looking into your eyes makes you super happy.

i hope he looks at you like you make the sun shine out of your ass.

I hope you fall in love with his smile. 

I hope that when you look at him from afar you smile.

I hope that he makes your heart race.

I hope you like to smell him. 

I hope he gives you a new stuff lion. 

I hope he stays up and Skypes you.

I hope he finds exactly where you like to be bitten. 

I hope his phone game is strong. 

I hope he worries about what you want. 

I hope he makes better promises. 

I hope he makes the effort this time.

I hope he buys you orange juice.

I hope he buys you peanut butter cups.

I hope he kisses you with intensity. 

I hope he tells you how lucky he is to have you.

I hope he doesn’t hurt you.

I hope he shows you off.

I hope he cuddles with you.

I hope he snuggles with you. 

I hope he keeps all your secrets.

I hope he enjoys those pictures you like to send.

I hope he can take away that pain you feel. 

I hope he realizes what he did. 

I hope you don’t regret this.

I hope you are genuinely happy. 

I hope you fall in love.

I hope you don’t loose friends.

I hope you continue to succeed. 

I hope you have a bright future.

I hope you blush when you think of him.

I hope you smile when a song reminds you of him.

I hope you realize deleting IG pictures doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I hope you remember how happy you were. 

I hope you think of me when you smell Charlie.

I hope you don’t throw Charlie away.

I hope you think of me when you catch a whiff of my perfume on the streets.

I hope you realize what you did.

I hope I become okay.

I hope I shake this numb feeling.

I hope I get out of this funk.

I hope I do not let this get to my head.

I hope I graduate without letting this get to my head.

I hope I have done enough to keep your friends for kicking your ass.

I hope I have done enough to keep my friends from not talking to you.

I hope I made you happy.

I hope I reminded you what love was.