Larry Shippers: I genuinely believe Louis and Harry are together

Narry Shippers: I think Niall and Harry are together

Niam: Shippers: I assume Niall and Liam are together

Ziam Shippers: I feel Zayn and Liam are together

Zouis Shippers: I anticipate Zayn and Louis are together 

Zaill Shippers: I envision Zayn and Niall are together

Lilo Shippers: I visualize Liam and Louis are together

Zarry Shippers: I am convinced Zayn and Harry are together. 

Nouis Shippers: I know Niall and Louis are together

Lirry Shippers: I imagine Liam and Harry are together 

Zainourry Shippers: Fuck it, all those fuckers are gay.