darthnoodles  asked:

typical Zho day: catch bounty, get creds, spend creds on drink (maybe throw in babysitting a sith lord)

Finally getting around to some of these, and since you asked first you get the first stupid things that happened in my brain as a result of your ask.

I decided that I would make the whole thing about babysitting because that’s the funniest part of Zhorren’s job. Also I made Zaif like five instead of twenty because really what’s the difference when you think about it?

For those unaware, these are SWTOR OCs. My cyborg bounty hunter, Zhorren, and Noodles’ Togruta Sith lord, Zaif. He gets paid handsomely to keep her alive and relatively out of trouble. Here is a story about what happens when Lord Zash goes out clubbing and leaves her baby monster in the care of some dumpster. 

He frowns, but you know he hung that picture up in his ship as soon as he got home.