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  • Lii's Silly Voice /w Zaia

Me and @zaiawolf (Sans) dubbed another one of @pkbunny‘s adorable comics! I just love the artstyle and content!

And no worries, no sniviling goat dad in this. I’d imagine having seeing his ex wife again in years and not having their seperation affect her happiness like he did is suffering enough.

Don’t cry goat dad, I’ll make something nice with you in it eventually…TTvTT

Comic by @pkbunny
Undertale and the music in this recording belong to Toby Fox

anonymous asked:

Do you ship your ocs?

In general, for majority of them the answer’d be no. Characters like Ruuka, Althrein (not revealed yet), Nylthea, Pharrus (not revealed yet), and many minor characters used in my stories/ AUs don’t really have romantic drive. I mean, most of them have been burned one too many times and thus aren’t willing to trust anyone in that kind of intimate way anymore, or have lost their last partners. Some, like Kyjalt, are just assholes. Others, like Tera, are just too tired to give a shit and have too much else to focus on. 

However, characters like Zaia and Blayne, yes, they’re very eligible. 

If you’re asking who I ship them with, then that’s not really much of anything. I ship Blayne with @firebird963‘s character Brinda because we’re rp-ing them together, but if you’re asking if I ship him with any real canon character, no, I try not to. Sometimes I get a kick out of imagining Blayne and Leon together because that’d be hilarious, but as a rule I’m not too fond of shipping my OCs with anything canon just on principle alone.