Did I mention that I was overly fond of that pregnant Rewind headcanon wherein he has a pillow nest?… well yeah >.> So here have a lousy doodle. I actually saw this and couldn’t stop thinking about Rewind sleeping in it but with lots of pillows…

(and Rewind will probably keep asking Chromedome to get more pillows until the room is just a sea of pillows… also the headcanon came from magicrobotgeography)

This is my mom’s Christmas present ^^ I always tell her she’s just like Pinkie Pie (and she is in so many ways!). She’s always been there to support me and cheer me up when I’m down. I love her very much.
(if it looks a little blank I wrote her note on the snow Pinkie is standing on =P)

I don’t want to replace my wolf sona Zaivinx, but I’d like something other than a wolf to represent me. I love red pandas, so I figured ‘why not?’ So here’s my new sona, Aka. She’ll probably still go through some editing, but I actually like how she came out.

I’ve been wanting to draw a chibi-like red panda face for a while now, and finally got around to it :3
I’ll be making several versions of this with different facial expressions and then, hopefully, a pattern out of it to use as the background on my Tumblr.


On another note though, please do not use this without permission.

I’ve always wished I could paint (both digitally and traditionally, but especially digitally) backgrounds and the like. I’ve tried time and time again to do this but always ended in failure or with a frustrated rage quit. Today, I was listening to chillstep and felt like arting, so I decided to finish my YouTube banner (it was going to be Zai standing with fireflies around her and I raven flying alongside her carrying a lantern). I got Zai and the raven inked and everything, but just added some soft colors behind them, and then somehow got distracted and ended up creating this instead XD

I feel like I finally understand how to paint a bit better. Mostly it’s the one layer thing that messes with my head, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and just let my mind flow. The result makes me pretty happy, and I hope now to keep practicing and understanding this more and more. Art is persistence most of the time anyways, haha!

It’s a start :3