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i got requested to pick a couple of blogs that i personally like and reasons why so here’s a few - i’ll be adding more but my fathers rushing me to walk my dog

narryavenue - Lori is honestly the nicest person ever and i blog sat her blog for the whole month of July and she’s so much fun to fangirl with :)

haroldswhore - Joanna is so sassy and i love it , i’m also blog sitting her blog at the moment and she’s quite funny if you ask me .

zarryskingdom - Omfg first off Keanna’s blog is perfection , secondly she’s so nice and friendly i love her kay

hipstachapel - Kim’s blog is jesus in a blog and she’s the most down to earth person ever omfg 

horanssexhair - She is the fetus of jesus okay . She’s just awesome in every way .

zahrry - Perfect blog , Kathy is so sweet and if she ever changes her URL again i’ll kill her :) 

smittenstyles - she’s a stupid slut with terrible fanfics/audio reads and she’s such a bitch .. and i just lied about all of that .. she’s my bestie in real life doe ~

i’ll add more when i get back cause my dad’s about to punch me in the face

p.s - original edit made by x

~**follow friday edit here**~

i don’t think i need some edit to show my appreciation plus i can’t make them lol so yeah here are a few of my favorite blogs this week in no order 

thanks for being faaaaab!

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Mini Follow Friday:

  1. horanlust (3%)
  2. larrygay (3%)
  3. louehgasm (2%)
  4. zahrry (2%)
  5. dimpstagram (2%)
  6. gayrold (2%)
  7. ofcrystals (2%)
  8. stuhyles (2%)
  9. niallgallagher (2%)

sorry i couldn’t make a real follow friday day but my computer is messed up so this is the best i could do right now so yeah

i really love all of these blogs and they are all so flawless 

so follow these amazing blogs guys! :)

zahrry replied to your postbut why the fuck is one direction singing what…

My thoughts exactly omg bless u

bless yes

tipsyniall replied to your postbut why the fuck is one direction singing what…

i know where is the relevancy


zhiall replied to your postbut why the fuck is one direction singing what…

yesyes same

i wish it was chip skylark

fapulouis replied to your postbut why the fuck is one direction singing what…

cause their british and london needed more british singers im kidding i don’t know

chip skylark singing icky queen vicky