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An AU where Endless Summer is an incredibly popular TV series and the gang are the actors

  • Taylor (MC) telling about how hard auditions were since all those talented guys and gals auditioned simultaneously
  • Jake having short hair when they’re not shooting episodes and that devastating fans and interviewers
  • Sean and Jake ruining interviews with how much they laugh together
  • Estela being the softest bean IRL and lifting up her dresses on red carpets and running off of them to take pics and hug fans
  • During a group interview during a late night show they’re asked who’s the funny one in the group and everyone points at Aleister which leaves the audience and the host SHOOKETH
  • Grace and Aleister actually dating IRL
  • Zahra is actually kind and shy and likes fan edits on instagram and tumblr constantly
  • That’s cause you’re not VIP, dummy… unless it stands for… Vomiting… Idiot… Poohead” that line was improvised by Zahra, Taylor and Craig barely suppressed themselves from laughing because of the randomness
  • Quinn bringing coffee on set for everyone cuz she’s the mom™ of the group
  • Lila constantly taking and posting selfies from the set which results in fans finding spoilers in the background and forming theories
  • Zahra and Craig constantly flirting on twitter
  • Sean loves reading fanfiction
  • Michelle has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and challenges with the other cast members
  • Taylor confirming everyone’s headcanons during meet and greets even when some contradict the others
  • Michelle and Sean and Aleister snapping at a racist comment made by someone towards Grace during a panel
  • Raj rapping about the characters during a interview
  • Diego is not allowed on interviews often because he spoils the story and during an interview on a red carpet Quinn comes up from behind putting a hand over his mouth and pulling him away to prevent spoilers
  • Seraxa, Varyyn and Uqzhaal appearing without makeup and being all casual
  • Craig posing for the paparazzi
  • Interviewer: Who is your favorite character? Craig: Rourke. I think he’s a very multi layered character with a heart of gold, he’s the real hero. *Michelle, Zahra and Aleister each pull out a 20$ bill and give it to him* Michelle: dammit he actually said it.
  • Rourke entering a panel and the crowd low-key booing him. Aleister puts his head jokingly on his shoulder “Why do they hate you, dad?” Rourke, patting his head “I don’t know, son…” and the crowd goes wild with laughter.
  • Estela doing her own stunts
  • !!! The entire gang being wholesome with one another and being best friends !!!

“Heart Of The Island” from the book Endless Summer

This was a blast to work on. I tried new things, new method of coloring, combining different art styles, actually drawing lots of people, guessing that the heart is one big orb or something and I tried my best to imitate the volcano in the cover of the book lol. I meant to put more characters in, but I got really lazy. It could be a movie poster, or whatever idk haha.

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Anyway, that’s all I can say! I hope you like it!



Endless Summer Trailer (more like a music video oops)

In honor of (/in spite of) ES going on a hiatus, here’s a lil summarization of the events of book 1, 2, and some of 3 ??

Song: Gooey by Glass Animals

I do not own any of these clips !! Story line + inspiration from Play Choices

MC: [looks at Endless Summer Gang]

MC: This is my family… I found it… It’s little and broken, but still good.

MC: [see’s Sean,Quinn,Michelle,and Diego laughing, Jake and Estela teasing each other, Zahra, Craig and Raj playfully bickering]

MC: yeah, still good.

“With You Is Exactly Where I’ll Be” - ES MC

This one is set in the last scene of ending 3! I imagine MC is laughing with them during their camping so, yeah. I decided to give the others a little makeover, like Estela wearing an off shoulder shirt, Jake in a manbun + turtle neck+ wedding ring lol, Quinn in a cute ribbon shirt, and other stuff that’s easy to miss. I’m gonna miss this group so much.

The Twelve’s Purpose

Ken (MC): The Unifier, The Endless. Keeps the group together and is able to withstand any and all heartbreak or hardship for the sake of the others.

Sean Gayle: The Knight. Keeps the group protected and from physical harm at any and all costs to himself.

Quinn Kelly: The Dreamer. Keeps the motivated, thinking positive and hopeful no matter what’s happening.

Estela Montoya: The Wrath. Keeps the group’s anger and bloodlust controller and focused.

Jake McKenzie: The Navigator. Keeps the group moving forward through any treacherous situation.

Diego Ortiz Soto: The Soul. Keeps the group human, reminding them of easier times and places, keeps them all who they are.

Craig Hsiao: The Strength. Is a source of unending loyalty, and can always be depended on for comfort for everyone.

Michelle Nguyen: The Heart. Keeps the group physically healthy, can always obtain medical supplies no matter how scarce.

Zahra Namazi: The Strategist. Keeps the group thinking critically no matter how stressful the situation, can always find the most personally profitable decision.

Raj Bhandarkar: The Laughter. Keeps the group happy (or as near as possible) through the darkest of situations and arguments, can always obtain ingredients for spectacular sustenance.

Grace Hall: The Flame. Keeps the group thinking intelligently, is a source of ingenuity and raw power.

Aleister Rourke: The Eyes. Sees all possible choices when it comes to making decisions, no matter how difficult or distasteful, but cannot be trusted without other insights.

the endless summer crew as people you see at summer camp

aleister: knows everything about nature. by the time he’s done saying the scientific name for poison ivy the person he’s trying to warn has already stepped in it. claims not to miss home but has called his mom 19 times.

craig: has a stash of food under his pillow. somehow sleepwalked to jake’s cabin last night and pissed on the door. once was told to get firewood and came back with an entire small tree.

diego: came out of the closet by performing barbie girl in high heels during the lip sync competition. constantly asks if you’ve seen the newest superhero movies.

estela: has a cabin to herself and nobody knows why. counsellors aren’t actually sure if she’s enrolled at the camp.

grace: has a separate bag for the books she brought with her. had to tell raj that pine needles won’t make him high. wears sweaters even though it’s ninety degrees out.

iris: she’s the speaker system set up around the grounds idk

jake: the camp counsellor that calls everyone names and talks about quitting all the time but secretly brings the kids snacks at two am. most likely to have a forbidden romance with one of the campers.

lila: the instructor who seems like she was planted and grown from the soils of the camp. leads all campfire songs. promotes ‘safe sex’ and makes everyone uncomfortable in record time.

michelle: brought a portable vanity and 37 types of makeup. hasn’t gotten a speck of dirt on her the whole time. only here for the experience.

mc: doesn’t have specific friends and wanders between social circles instead. answers everything by shrugging. has a strangely convoluted backstory.

quinn: friends with all the counsellors. has made the spider in the corner of the cabin her pet. always stays in the water for an extra two minutes after free swim ends.

raj: ate a random mushroom an hour into summer. is convinced he’s going to befriend all the forest wildlife. surprisingly deep talks at weird hours of the night.

sean: all the girls wanna hook up with him by the end of the summer and the boys want him on their sports teams but he just wants everyone to have fun. shows off all the time by accident.

zahra: somehow smuggled her laptop into the cabin and uses wifi from some mysterious location. dares people to lick leaves.

  • MC: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you’ve lost throughout your lifetime.
  • Estela: Oh wow, my childhood innocence. Thank you for finding this.
  • Jake: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in years!
  • Diego: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Zahra: Mental stability my old friend!
  • MC: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

An AU where Endless Summer is an incredibly popular TV show part III

A/N: partly dedicated to the anon who asked for a continuation involving Jake x MC

  • Jake and Taylor (MC) seen holding hands causes speculation whether they are dating or not and Diego accidently confirms it.
  • Zahra going to the Ellen show and playing “Who’d you rather” feat. The ES gang and she ends up with Michelle. “She’s just… such a badass queen, I adore her!”
  • During an award show, Taylor is wearing a long dress she struggles to climb up the stairs and Jake sweeps her off her feet, bridal style and carries her to the stage.
  • Craig hosting TCA and everyone loving that after the fiasco of Jake Paul hosting it (I freaking hate that guy)
  • Raj publishing a cook book.
  • Sean posting workouts pics on instagram AND tips on how to gain muscle weight on YouTube.
  • Michelle sporting her signature Purple Eyeshadow and Peachy Blush combo™ to the Emmy’s
  • Estela being an amazing singer and writing a soundtrack for Season 2 of ES and performing a theme song.
  • High School Story is also a TV show and Grace is trash for it and when an interviewer tells her that the cast of HSS loves ES, she freaks out.
  • Aleister talking about disliking the whole cast at first. “I am… basically my character ”. He admits awkwardly
  • The Island’s heart prop is actually part of Quinn’s personal collection of crystals and minerals consisting of 1264 samples and counting
  • Michelle constantly posts pics on instagram where she’s having a brunch with the other girls.
  • Lila crying after reading the script for Season 2 finale.
  • Jake proposing to MC during a comic con panel where ~1000 people were present. “Will you be my Endless..?” He said as he kneeled. Craig was filming everything.
  • Raj being high and unfollowing the cast on Insta and everyone panicking and posting articles on the feud already and then he tweets “Lol sorry guys, I was high and talked to their PFPs and when I realized they were ignoring me I unfollowed.”
  • Varyyn’s actor talking about the horrors of applying the Vaanti makeup
  • Quinn’s red hair extensions weigh 5 pounds.
  • The gang doing a photoshoot inspired by their idols where each of them is professionally transformed into an anthropomorphic version of the animal of their idol.
  • Craig making coffee for everyone , especially paying attention to Zahra’s ‘cause she’s just as picky with her coffee as her character is
  • Estela posting a video snapped through a small door opening where Aleister teaches MC how to slow dance for her wedding and Grace supporting her and demonstrating it with Al
  • Estela plays Olivia as well, the power of makeup.
  • Rourke’s actor is nice af and partakes I’m multiple charities.
  • Diego and Raj sporting matching man buns during red carpet appearances.
  • Sean pretending to be jealous of Jake and MC cause Jake is actually his bae and Michelle supports 100%
  • The gag reels being the funniest things ever, appearing in the trending page of YouTube every time.

Note: Zoom in for better quality

ES Gang in their respective houses! I really really had fun making these!! I was inspired by a post waaaaay back then, I think it was an edit of the crew in their respective houses. I will link it here, but I just can’t find it anymore.  

I made this because the idea of these guys in this crossover is amazing! Imagine an intense Quidditch battle with Sean, Estela, Craig and Jake! Or Michelle being awesome at Herbology and Alchemy! Or Raj inhaling some wonderful stuff at Herbology class! Or Quinn being part of the Frog Choir! Or MC being a special student who literally grew up in Hogwarts because they just found them in their doorstep or something lol (whatever MC is is beyond the Headmaster/Headmistress, making them very strict with them lol because they’re mysterious and dangerous) . Or Estela as the muggle-born who is exceptionally talented in Defence against the Dark Arts! Oh I have TONS of headcanons, but this list would be endless I swear. 

Anyway, thanks for the support guys! Now, I’m thinking of making another crossover series…. Which book should I do next? And what crossover should I make? Have any ideas? My ask box and pm is always OPEN!

House Gryffindor

House Hufflepuff

House Ravenclaw

House Slytherin


Here’s my last submission for the MC Appreciation Week. After what happened in Endless Summer 3 Chapter 11, this will definitely stir up some mixed emotions. I apologize for making you guys cry. I started working on these a week ago, and I did not know what’s going to happen in Chapter 11.

This art is based on MC’s decision to save the world and wipe his friends’ memory of the island. But on the inside, the Catalysts feel empty, broken, and are missing a piece of their lives. I call this, “Endless Summer: Monotone”.

Thanks to @ekushv and her Endless Summer comics. Her work inspired me to do this. Check her out. She makes top notch content.

@luna-gayle, @scgdoeswhat, @moominlouu, @hellomynameisdeviblaire, @choices-mc-rules, here’s my last and best submission for the week.

Colored Versions:

I’m reviving my Endless Summer 🏝 idol art series beginning with Zahra. I wanted to take a new approach to the design process by loosely implementing the idols instead of replicating it in my art style. My favorite scene involving Zahra was when she ruined Rourke’s entire career with her tech prowess to avenge Craig and her friends. “For Craig…you son-of-a-bitch.”

  • Lila: Who broke the coffee machine? I’m not mad! I just wanna know.
  • Sean: I did. I broke it.
  • Lila: No. No, you didn’t. Zahra?
  • Zahra: Don’t look at me. Look at Grace.
  • Grace: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • Zahra: Oh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
  • Grace: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken.
  • Zahra: Suspicious.
  • Aleister: [defending Grace] What?! No, it’s not!
  • Craig: If it matters — probably not — Michelle was the last one to use it.
  • Michelle: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
  • Craig: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Michelle: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Craig.
  • Sean: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me take responsibility for it, Lila.
  • Lila: No! Who broke it?!
  • Jake: Pop Culture Petey has been awfully quiet.
  • Diego: REALLY?!
  • [everyone starts arguing]
  • Lila: [faces camera] I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a fox head on a stick. Good.

Jake, Zahra & Aleister from House Slytherin! 

I had time okay? And man, I was so happy the first one was well received! Because… I never really expected it to have more notes lol. Anyway, here’s the Slytherin group! Btw, Zahra’s sitting on a table, it’s just not really shown clearly (sorry). Credits to the references and the background from Pottermore! 

House Hufflepuff

House Gryffindor

House Ravenclaw

Endless Summer - ChibiToons Collection 🏝👍🏼 

Last time I released each of these characters individually based on their birth month to get ready for the ES Book 2 this July…


Now here is the full body ChibiToons version of them. Yay! ✨😆✨ 

Note: I made these before Endless Summer Book 2 was released so the outfits are kinda different because I heavily relied on their bust and special scene shots + imagination . 🌴 📚 😼