zahra haider

Today we commemorate the death of the daughter of Haider and Zahra (sa). Today, we mourn the death of the epitome of patience, of strength, of faith. Today we mourn the death of Sayyida Zainab (sa). The one who witnessed more calamities than anyone else, who watched her family, her brothers slaughtered in front of her very eyes. The one who was treated in the most disgusting of ways, whose tents were set on fire, who witnessed her children running between burning tents and have earrings ripped off their ears. The one who was chained and whose family was chained, whose hijab was stripped away from her and was paraded across the streets of Shaam. Yet throughout all of this, throughout all of the horror she witnessed and suffered, she is the one who was brought in front of the man who caused all of this and was able to stand and say “Ma ra'aytu illah jamillah” - I see nothing in this but the beauty of Allah swt. Today we mourn you Ya Zainab (sa). Today we mourn the way you are still being mistreated, you are still being oppressed. We look at the state of your blessed shrine in the land of Shaam and we cry for the way you are being treated. And we will stand here and chant Labbayk Ya Zainab! We will forever protect your legacy, remember your sacrifice and pray for safety of your blessed shrine that iA we will be able to return to soon. Labbayk Ya Zainab.