okay i wanna talk about the zahhaks for a second.

equius zahhak, this big, strong blueblood, has never ONCE in the ENTIRETY OF THE WEBCOMIC tried to kill someone.

darkleer, alternian horuss, gave up his entire career and status so he could let the disciple go

horuss zahhak, that goddamn sweetheart. he will do things to make people happy EVEN IF IT PHYSICALLY HURTS. he loves rufioh SO MUCH, and he has NO HARD FEELINGS AGAINST DAMARA. (as in, he couldve been an asshole and been mean to someone who didnt deserve it but hes such a SWEETHEART)

i dont understand why the zahhaks are characterized as just sweaty horse-loving bodybuilders who like robots when they are some of the nicest characters in homestuck.

love those zahhaks.


The Fuchsia Rulez production is owned by the historical partner/rival of Dualscar during 80’s-90’s. She acted under the name of ‘the Empiress’.
Her eldest daughter Meenah takes after her passion for BDSM, her younger daughter Feferi decided to help the production screenwriting the movies.
Rufioh secretely has a relationship with Glub Production’s Horuss.
Karkat and John’s best friend Dave’s older brother Dirk Strider is somewhat the most eager buyer of Jake’s porn movies.
Roxy’s sister Rose doesn’t quite like the career her sister is pursuing but she choose to let her live the way she wants.
Tavros decided to became a pornstar in order to raise his self-esteem but being too timid for the sex scenes, he was relegated to cameraman.

Equius joined the Glub production after his brother Horuss because he thought pornactress catgirl Nepeta was too cute.
But he kept breaking beds (and actresses) so he was relegated to cameraman too. He is banned to film Nepeta’s scenes because it ends always with a broken camera. Cameras are expensive.