zahhak family

So in the holiday update for Hiveswap, we got a lot of images and designs for the game.

One that stuck out to me in particular was this guy:

Troll Terminator/Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
Judging by his horns and symbol, he might be tied to Equius and the Zahhak family in general.

So, what if.

What if Equius’ voice/accent is similar to Arnold’s?
Just imagine it.

Imagine all of the things Equius has said, but in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

humanstuck AU where the ancestors raise their descendants and alts would bring me such joy because OMG can you imagine the Zahhaks like you have perf lil’ Horuss who never makes a fuss and then Equius who you meet in a pile of debris every evening and stressed out Darkleer because Equius put him in so much debt like OMG

recently I learned it’s very easy to make Aurthour look like a cute little marshmallow Alex Louis Armstrong centaur.

it’s now my headcanon that this is exactly what he looks like. The great butling technique passed down through generations of the Zahhak Lusus Family.