UNSPKN part 16

Where Sans gives no choice.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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What do you mean the “S” doesn’t stand for Shiro?

I just discovered @geckostuffs YJ art and I’m dying because it is so beautiful (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 

I fucking love Conner and really wanted to see Shiro in Superboy’s costume,I really look up to Gecko,I admire them so much so I hope they don’t mind

“Fuck,” Hux says, glancing up at Ren. “You make it sound like matrimony.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ren says, glowering now. “This is serious. It’s a high honor.”

“Am I expected to wear this? I’d be laughed out of the Order.”

“You can hide it under your shirt,” Ren says. “I’ve designed it so that no one will see it if they’re not meant to.”

“Oh, so this is a magic necklace?”

“Just put it on, you ungrateful ass.” (x)

waiting for @hollyhark‘s  origin stories like- | I drew the necklace and can’t stop smiling at iT YEE 

and yes you can buy prints of this here <3

my BD art folder is telling me that i made more than 100 drawings for this blog so let’s celebrate !!! and also thanks so much for following even if i haven’t been very active lately~


Women’s Vans Park Series Finals at the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach, CA

Congrats to Hanna Zanzi on her 1st place finish at the Womens Vans Park Series Finals in Huntington Beach. After a 7 year break from skateboarding Hanna came back to claim 1st place next to our #WCW Lizzie Armanto in 2nd and Jordyn Barratt in 3rd. 

Did you miss out on the live webcast action yesterday? Fear not! Visit to watch the full Womens Final webcast using the On Demand player and check out the winning runs from Hanna and Lizzie.

Catch these top 10 finishers in Malmo, Sweden this August for the International Skateboard Federation-sanctioned inaugural Womens “park terrain” World Championships. 


Photos: @anthonyacostaphoto and @granthatfield

lol yes yukwon is getting shade from NCT fans and like everyone else on the planet but who’s surprised?? which fans are always the ones to try and start shit like literally every time??? 👀 sm fans. they’re so used to winning everything by default that they can’t except a genuine loss. ukwon deserved that win, and if ten wins the next episode the he’ll deserve THAT win. this is a competition, just because you bias someone doesn’t mean they’ll automatically come through

I don’t get why people are salty over Ukwon for winning over Ten for Hit the Stage. He and his crew did well to incorporate dance and group dynamics into it, they put up a great performance, and yes there isn’t much hardcore dancing but isn’t the whole point of the show to put on a performance WITH your dance? I admire Ten’s technicalities and his stage presence as well. I thought they both did a really good job. Plus the difference was a mere 4 points, which I think would be an indicator of how neck to neck the performances were. All in all, I don’t think people should be that quick to judge that Ukwon ‘can’t’ dance just based on this performance. 

Like he said, when people hear Block B, all they think of is Zico and Kyung. This is his time to at least have some air time and to somewhat shine. Give him a break. Stop being so salty over a dance program where you can see so many great dancers coming together to put up amazing stages. 

Bellarke // Kabby and SDCC

It’s pretty common knowledge that there are some obvious parallels between Bellarke and Kabby, but after SDCC, the thing that keeps bouncing around in my head is the fact that Henry Ian Cusick said (re: Kabby), “I guess there was tension there. I just didn’t realise it was sexual.” 

Now I don’t know if this is a case of life imitating art, but I will say that this is a reasonably appropriate description of Kane’s feelings towards his relationship with Abby. 

The “let’s call it hope” scene from 3x06 is a prime example of this:

Originally posted by marcuskaen

Yeah, that’s not the face of someone expecting a tender kiss on the cheek out of nowhere. Especially not one featuring lips lingering on skin and gentle, caressing hands on face. 

Here’s my attempt at a simple breakdown that may explain Eliza’s apparent dismissal of a Bellarke romance. (I repeat, explain! Not excuse.)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a new-ish Black Sails fan and I really love your blog <3 I'm messaging you anon because I don't really have a Tumblr. If you don't mind me asking, what are some of the Silver/Flint moments that you want to see in S4 or wish we'd seen in the previous seasons? I really wish we got to see Silver pulling Flint from the ocean (and undressing him and dressing his wound) and I really want a hug, just one hug before it all ends ;__;

thank you!! :) 

oh this is a good question!! 

what i wish we’d have gotten in the previous seasons: 

- episode 108: the drowning scene! silver diving in after flint and saving him. i can’t believe they shot it and didn’t use it im still angry 

- episode 210: i would’ve liked to have seen flint’s first reaction to silver’s leg incident and learning why it happened

- since silver is now a qm, i’d hoped for some more cabin banter where silver is sitting at his desk in flint’ cabin and trying to figure out how sailing works and he keeps nagging flint about it.

- episode 304: flint waking up and lowkey freaking out as the maroons take silver and lead him away. we got parts of this tho god bless

- post episode 305: flint noticing silver is not ok and making arrangements for him to stay behind with the maroons under pretense it’s to secure the new alliance. flint telling silver to be smart (i.e. get that fucking leg checked.. please) and then saying bye before they leave to find vane. it’s super sappy 

- episode 307: i wanna know how the conversation in the darkness of howell’s sick bay ended. wHAT WAS FLINT’S REACTION TO ‘’how good it feels’’ ???? 

- episode 309: flint’s response to ‘’i can’t tell if this was a warning or a welcome.’’ i suppose we got an answer in 310, but i want to know what his immediate response would’ve been

- episode 310: how did flint introduce thomas into the story? this is the ONE THING that’s been driving me up the wall. what choice of words did he use and what was silver’s initial reaction before the rest of the story unravelled.

what i wish we’d get in s4: 

- more scenes where they discuss their feelings, how they affect each other, what they mean to each other now etc. or just sharing a small moment of peace. sitting some place in the camp, a little closer than necessary, swapping a drink and enjoying the comfortable silence 

- silver sharing tidbits of his past with flint. the real stuff, not the made up stories. 

- silver wanting to know more about thomas and flint surprisingly sharing more information. bonus points if silver’s questions are prompted by one certain red book

- flint teaching silver how to swordfight!!! touching. lots of touching 

- flint taking silver to miranda’s house. unlike vane, he’s not opposed to domesticity and appreciates having a lovely home. somehow they end up talking about their futures and chances of ever having this

- FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE IN BATTLE (which im pretty sure we’re getting if that promo pic is anything to go by) ft. BEING SUPER PROTECTIVE OF EACH OTHER

- silver sinking too deep into darkness, at some point completely passing flint’s level, and flint getting worried. trying to talk him out of it and failing


- a hug would probably kill me

- a kiss would definitely kill me