Meet my aesthetic troublemaker twin squids, Pyra (pie-rah) and Cream Zaphyrhi (zah-fear-high). Their tentacle designs are inspired by the cute inkling creator. Pyra’s the social talker while Cream is the reclusive silent one. These two love to play naughty tricks on innocent squids. Pyra snatches girls’ hats while Cream snatches Boys’ hats. However, they both have their favorite stomping squids. Kisina and Belladonna are Pyra’s favorites, Arnick and Ty are Cream’s. Poor Arnick never usually sees Cream coming due to her silent demeanor.


This is what happened to me today not that long ago.
I was riding a bus. It was fairly full, almost all seats were taken so I decided to stand. I’m standing, deep in thought, observing the outside world while we ride when suddenly I see in the corner of my eye a bag. I turn my head and I notice a big woman who is sitting not far from me who is trying to get my attention by almost smacking me with her bag.
“Hey, hey you. There’s space.” she says and moves a bit to the side. “You can sit next to me.”
I look at her surprised, her tone is very stern.
“Nono, thank you.” I reply and give an awkward smile.
She tries to say something more but the man sitting with her says to her. “Leave it, don’t force people.”
She looks at him, at me and then at him and sits quiet.
I tried not to laugh. The rest of the ride went smoothly.

And now I am having stupid ideas how to make this into an agent comic.