Roscoe cautiously approaches the tech-savvy Zaharian in the hopes of doing something about the horror factory that is his mind. An implant is installed and a friendship forged. 


An ancient gift for juczerro that I finally finished. 


Happy Aboriginal Day!!!

Proud nishnaabe girl here to celebrate being born into one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. I’m so grateful to be able to call myself native !!! Going to pow wows when I was a little girl with my grandfather was the only way to connect with my heritage, and I send all of my love to my bio family out there. 

Migwetch gi zah gin :)

Oh yeah I haven’t said anything about it on here because I kind of forgot I had this personal account but Zah'bre moved in finally and shit’s been real nice ❤️

ginfie asked:

Do you like zah booty? , And how many furries have you drawn , or Fursonas? Overall btw

I give zah booty 8/8! And I have drawn like 3 fursonas. And they are all terrible. So I gave up on drawing and instead hunt down hidden talent to share with the world! Meanwhile all my failed drawings are hidden on my very secret FA page

5 ways to say “to let down”

.: in recently released Cardinals, a song by the American pop punk band The Wonder Years, a speaker regrets having let a friend down. 

“So, if you call me back or let me in
I swear I’ll never let you down again”  
screams the lead singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell.

after its release, the band’s name has been one of the most active tumblr trending topics. so, let’s use it to… learn some Portuguese, of course! 

do you have any idea about how to translate the expression “to let down” in Brazilian Portuguese? to help you do so, we’ll translate the sentence “I’ll never let you down again” using different verbs to express it. :.

1. decepcionar (deh-sep-see-oh-nar) - eu nunca mais vou decepcionar você
2. desapontar (de-zah-pon-tar) eu nunca mais vou desapontar você
numbers 1 and 2 express better the feeling of disappointment. thus, could be also translated as “to disappoint”.

3. desiludir (deh-zee-loo-deer) - eu nunca mais vou desiludir você
“desiludir alguém” could be a different way to “let someone down” in Portuguese. however, it is more frequently used to romantic love situations. implicitly, it bring a previous situation of illusion, such as an impossible platonic love. this verb has “to disillude” as an English cognate.  

4. frustrar (froos-trar) - eu nunca mais vou te frustrar
has as an immediate translation “to frustrate”.  

5. magoar (ma-go-ar) - eu nunca mais vou te magoar
“magoar” could be barely translated as “to hurt”. it could also be a translation for “to let down”, since it implicates some nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

so we say a warm goodbye, hoping that you never let a friend down!

Chapter 16: Dragonrend

With a sharp kick, Alduin broke away from his opponent. Seizing the opportunity, I Shouted the words of Dragonrend at him.

“Joor zah frul!”

The Shout ripped from me and I doubled over in agony as it seared through my chest and tore at my throat. Tears stung at my eyes and I fought to breathe.

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