Zanya Zinzara - The Sapphire Viper

The Maormer, also known as Tropical Elves, Sea Elves, Fish Elves, or Pyandoneans, are a race of Mer that live on the continent Pyandonea, far south of the Summerset Isles, after migrating there from the legendary continent Aldmeris as Aldmer in the Merethic Era.

The Maormer are divided into a number of factions who follow the principles and teachings bestowed upon them by their immortal lord King Orgnum. These teachings were given to Orgnum by four Daedric Princes whom these factions now worship in lesser or greater degrees. These include the Sea Vipers (Maormeri = Zah’vyla) who spend their lives raiding the other nations of Nirn, sowing chaos and discord, in accordance to Boethiah’s teachings; the Coral Slavers (Maormeri = Mzol) who herd, drive, and work the lesser races of Pyandonea, the Dreugh, Naiads and Nanaue, in accordance to the will of Molag Bal; the Trench Hunters (Maormeri = Hakaziin) who excel in the ways of the hunt and predate upon the bountiful sea life of Pyandonea in accordance to Hircine’s example; and the Abyssal Ones (Maormeri = Zamori) who search out and horde the secret mysteries of Mundus, Oblivion and the Aetherius in accordance to the word of Hermaeus Mora.

Zanya Zinara - known and feared by many as the Sapphire Viper - was the leader of a band of Sea Vipers who led countless successful raids against the peoples of Tamriel and Beyond. It is said that she and her raiders even attacked the Island Nations of Esroniet, Yneslea, and Cathnoquey, whilst exploring routes through the Padomaic Ocean to bring back plunder and slaves to Pyandonea. She is famed for riding her Great Sea Serpent - Zalak Red Maw - into combat whilst the swift ships of her fleet encircled the panicked vessels of her quarry.

Now, as Tamriel plunges into civil strife, chaos, and war from the petty ambitions of rival nations, the Sea Vipers once again look to the shores of Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Valenwood, and the hated Summerset Isles, for glory, riches and blood.   

Last week I gave Reyux some love with the Rey/Hux forehead kiss, so it was time to do another ADOT scene, this time with Reylo.

Rey is attempting to heal a cut on Kylo’s hand, unsuccessfully. But ah, they’re trying to work through their issues. 

(p.s: for those of you not into reylux, just enjoy the picture :) no need to go check out the story).

Scene Excerpt, A Dance of Titans, Chapter 30 - Lady Rey:

She’d asked Kylo to activate the Holocron, then he’d excused himself again. She’d barely seen any of him except for dinner time. A couple of times he’d come back with scratches on his arms and Rey had frowned, her frustration intensifying. With all she’d learned from Zah about healing, about imbuing muscles and skin cells with power, to knit them together and close wounds, she couldn’t even quite heal a scratch on Kylo.

He’d watched her passively while she attempted to heal a wound on his hand once. Rey had ended up throwing her arms in the air, irritation curling in her gut at her failure after having convinced him to let her try, despite his reticence, partly out of a deep seated stubbornness to prove herself, and partly because she’d felt guilty.

It did weird things to her insides, seeing him wounded. It was a stark reminder of how she’d cut him open to die almost a lifetime ago, quickly followed by the memory of how he’d held her in his arms until she cried herself to sleep over her stupid Force weakness. She’d tried to atone for her sins by attempting to fix these wounds now, rationalizing it as practice, but it did little. Every time she’d fail Kylo would shake his head patiently and tell her ‘you tried’ , then he’d wrap a batca patch around the wounds and quietly walk away.

الغَضَبُ نارٌ مُوقَدَةٌ مَنْ كَظَمَهُ أطْفأَها وَمَنْ أَطْلَقَهُ كان أوَّلَ مُحْتَرِقٍ بِها

Anger is a raging fire who represses it has put
it out and who releases it will be the first burnt by it.

—  Imam Ali (AS)

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Ya think? Maybe, maybe not.

Monday Funday!
I hate having such a small desk but I made the best of it with a little reorganization (and coffee!)

On the list of things to do today:

1. Finish up Chapter 1 review questions

2. Outline chapter 2

3. Pray to the Gods of engineering, thanking them for my newly found organizational skills! HUH-ZAH! ⚡️


The price of knowing is feeling this way
is remembering what it feels like to die
to bleed

Morning light seeping through the blinds
your skin is warm and I 
am empty

The pieces of ourselves we have shed
surround us in a pool of dust
reminding us of what we are not
sending us ghosts that linger in between us
as we sleep turned away from one another
drenched in oppressive summer heat

Yesterday I was a stranger

[busy, busy, busy] 

Roscoe cautiously approaches the tech-savvy Zaharian in the hopes of doing something about the horror factory that is his mind. An implant is installed and a friendship forged. 


An ancient gift for juczerro that I finally finished.