@thelastpilot challenge accepted !! Saludos desde Mexico y gracias por compartir.

This is me  fake Miraculous comic book cover. Lady bug and Spiderman

I really wish this were real ..but is no possible.UWU

Well suppose it is possible to dream owo

Se vale soñar chicos y aunque esto nunca sera real .disfrute mucho dibujandole.

‘Surprise! Got the English dub sneak preview for the 0 people who care expect me…’ - Tech Surgeon 

 Season 2 - Exclusive Preview: Sneak Peak (English)

“Marinette finds the Miraculous spell book that has been lost for many years. Tikki takes her to see Master Fu, the last known member of the Order of the Guardians, who helps read the ancient spell book. Watch new episodes of Miraculous Ladybug on Disney Channel, this November!”



  This is me  fake “Miraculous Ladybug” comic book .Inspired the end number #50 amazind spiderman.

Esta es una portada de “Miraculous Ladybug”  falsa.Inspirada en el final del número # 50 amazind spiderman.

Esta portada se a homenajeado incontables ocasiones y tenia mucha ilusión de hacer mi versión. Estare Dibujando más!

This cover has been honored countless times and I was very excited to make my version. I’ll be drawing more!