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Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One


Marinette didn’t think inviting Chat Noir in for milk would lead to this.

The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

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Rating: Teen/ Mature.

Angst and fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Author’s Note: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but it turned out to be longer than I thought, so I have to split it up. Hope you all like it! First Miraculous Ladybug fanfic. Let me know what you guys think! I know the summary sounds kinda… explicit… :P but it’s not… for now. 

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One

Warm Touch

Her hips swayed as she hummed around the dark kitchen, light only coming from above the stovetop. The white floor length curtains were opened and the windows displayed the twinkling lights of the city of Paris at night; the Eiffel Tower peaking over the other apartments. She bobbed the peppermint tea bag in the hot water, watching it go from clear to a dark yellow-green. She started to sing La Vie en Rose to herself. Her vibrato ringing through the room softly, as she almost whispered the high notes. Marinette was alone. Alya was staying over at her family’s place for the weekend. She had her dark hair in a messy bun, strands falling in front of her face whenever she looked down. She continued to sing to herself, and watched the steam from her mug dance in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, Chat Noir landed skillfully on the curved iron railings to Marinette’s little balcony. He watched her dark silhouette, faintly hearing her sing. He gently laid a hand on the glass door, and hopped off the railing. Marinette stopped singing, and turned her head slightly to Chat’s direction. Busted, he thought, but he crouched down into the shadows, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  

Marinette pulled the tea bag out of the mug, placing it on the little white and pink plate, before picking up her polka dotted mug and looking over the island, to the balcony. Chat Noir’s glowing green eyes stared at her in the darkness. She smirked. If this was the first time she’d seen those illuminated eyes in the darkness, she would have been completely terrified.

Chat Noir stood back up as Marinette approached the door. She slid it opened, “Kinda cold out here, don’t you think? Wanna come in? I have milk for stray kittens.”

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