Ok so I’m going to be angry against some ML fans.

No but like seriously. What do you have in your brains?

What’s the problem with people putting misinformations about season 2 and 3 on the web?

First, I saw people saying that season 2 and 3 will come the same year.
OMG LOL. HOW CAN YOU KNOW. NOBODY CAN KNOW. ONLY THE CHANNELS WHO ARE BROADCASTING THE EPISODES KNOWS WHEN THEY WILL AIR THE EPISODES ON THEIR CHANNELS THAT’S BASIC LOGIC: EVEN THE PRODUCER, JEREMY ZAG, DOESN’T KNOW (remember how he told us it was going to air on May? LOL. He doesn’t know shit). So how can you, little 12 years old shit, can know when the season will air? JUST. FUCKING. WAIT.

Then, I saw people putting FAKE lists of episodes for season 2 and 3 on the web. You know that I know people from the staff: YES, these lists are FAKE. AS. FUCK. Seriously, what’s the purpose of doing that? “Meh meh meh the peacock miraculous meh meh meh big reveal”, again, you don’t fucking know shit, nobody can know the names of the episodes, so why are you giving fake informations to people?

You know what you are going to do by doing that? You are going to make the people working on the series IN BIG TROUBLES. Because you are shits.
Cuz yeah, what do you think is going to happen when people will not have the seasons when they saw it was announced, and what are they going to say if the episodes are not what they thought it will be? Most of these little shits are going to yell against the creators (hello Thomas Astruc) because “THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU TOLD ME WAS GOING TO HAPPEN”. Because other little shits spread misinformations.

And Thomas is going to be sad. :c

So yeah. Stop spreading misinformations and just wait for the seasons to come, have a life, go out, it’s nearly summer, don’t be little irrespectful shits.

PS: To people saying that Miraculous is made by Americans because it’s coming on Netflix: lol. Buy a brain.


Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

SURPRISE! For Free Comic Book Day, we’re hosting a fan gathering at Golden Apple Comics! Come in your best Miraculous cosplay or Miraculous inspired outfits and meet CRISTINA VEE, the voice of LADYBUG, from 12-1PM, and Mela Lee, the voice of TIKKI, from 2-3PM!

We’ll be signing comics and giving away some fun surprises, so stop by, say hi, and find our ZAG representative! (look out for someone wearing RED!) We’d love to meet you!

Also, don’t forget to participate in our worldwide giveaway contest and tag #MIRFCDAY!


Golden Apple Comics

7018 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038


Not in the LA area? DON’T WORRY!

BAY AREA: Brian Hess (who drew the comic) will be at The Comic Shop in San Leandro, CA

VIRGINIA: Meet Bryan Seaton, the owner of ActionLab at Comic Paradise Plus in Fairmont, VA!

NEW JERSEY: Nicole D'Andria (who wrote the comic) will be at Comic Fusion signing copies in NJ!


Yesterday, there were two meetups open to fans at the Zag Glendale studio, including a Q&A in the morning session. During both, you could meet the visiting team from Paris, and were allowed to see the showcase for the merchandise, including items not yet available. MLSubbing organizer @madelinelime attended the 5 PM event. At that session, fans received some items, including limited quantity signed mini posters, copies of the comic teaser, and a keychain you might recognize from “The Puppeteer”: