petalouda85  asked:

Do you know any fluffy, soft Kylux fics??? My relatively good day just went down the drain

oh, darling! I’m so sorry! here:

  • Make Me Whole by @kyluxtrashpit
    After Starkiller’s fall, Ren isn’t taking care of himself. Hux steps in to assist.

  • Misery Loves Company (And Soup) by @theearlgreyalpha
    kylo and hux both have colds/fevers but they never miss Sexy Time™ so they still try to get it on. They’re too tired and it’s miserable though, so after Hux can’t stop shivering for the wrong reasons and Ren almost sneezes into a kiss, they give up and help each other to the kitchen to just make soup. Huddling in bed and sharing the soup bowl and taking care of each other is somehow sexy too.

  • The Fuck-Up You Love by @beeeeebeeee
    “You know what this reminds me of?” “No, but it’s probably something horrible. Knowing you.” Kylo’s skin feels sticky from the blueberry ice melt. The breeze coming from the window catches cool and the air smells of burnt sugar.

  • Flower by @bubbaknowlton
    While Hux is off-world, Kylo and their toddler spend time together and their son braids flowers into Kylo’s hair.

  • The Littlest Nope by @glass-oceans
    Millicent experiences her first snow.

  • Draped In Your Desires by @zaera-d
    Hux is an accomplished tailor on Savile Row in London. Kylo is the rebelling, American son of an influential English family. When a ruined suit brings them together one evening, they find themselves in a whirlwind of high fashion and carefully hidden desires.

  • in every life, i’m yours by gracezodiac
    we fall in love, over and over and over

  • A Necessary Break by @theweddingofthefoxes
    General Hux goes looking for Kylo Ren while he trains, just to make sure he’s safe. Things get more honest than he expects.

  • Mine by @kyluxtrashcompactor & @oorsprong
    Hux wants to trace his fingers and lips along every inch of Kylo’s body when they’re in bed; go slow, map out his skin and generally enjoy what’s his. Kylo being ticklish as hell doesn’t make it easy.

  • The Man With Expensive Clothing & Cheap Colonge by @chirrutbaze
    Hux meets the Man With Expensive Clothing and Cheap Cologne at the art museum. He is then offered coffee by this incredible stranger, this dashing specimen of mankind! Why, it’s an invitation he’s simply unable to refuse! (that’s because it’s free)

i hope you feel better soon!