Zack Taylor

All this” Zack Taylor”  buzz in the streets across many major cities roamed my mind; people are rapping the lyrics to Yelz song, bobbing their heads to the beat, and tapping their toes to the rhythm. Yet fans are still asking a lot of questions. So I’ve decided to take a look at the most asked questions and interview Yelz based on a few questions the fans have. 

I often asked fans if they knew who Zack Taylor himself is, and a few people answered easily, but most of my peers had to stop and think! So, for those of you that have been robbed of your childhood memories, I was sure to start of this interview with asking Yelz who is Zack Taylor. Yelz chuckled as she replied, “Zack Taylor is the original black power ranger for the child television show Power Rangers.”  The television show Power Rangers was one of the biggest childhood shows to hit the television of many homes across America in the 90s. Everyone wanted to be their favorite ranger for Halloween, and Christmas was not a happy Christmas if you didn’t have that favorite action figure under the tree. Power Rangers hit the shelves of store and even the inside of a happy meal box from McDonalds. Everyone had their favorite ranger and in many ways could relate to that ranger. Power Rangers was something positive my peers and I were able to look up to. I know in my hood Power Rangers was the shit.

As we continue to vibe off the hype of Power Rangers for a while, I continue to be very intrigued by the conversation we was having at the time. However, it made me want to know what motivated her to name her song after a ranger. I mean I always knew which ranger was my favorite and why I wanted to be just like her, but I never wrote or talked much about it, and here it is I stumble across my amazing friend Yelz that names her song after Zack. “So what does this mean?” I asked Yelz. “Power!” she looked up and said to me; “unity of people of my generation, and that’s what the power rangers stood for, in that group of rangers it was various different races and genders. Team Yelz is exactly that a gang of collective souls who encourage each other and inspire each other no matter the color of your skin or gender.” Getting to know more about the song made “Zack Taylor” that much more likeable and relatable. That’s what allows music to be an art in so many inspirational forms, relations and be able to relate, no matter how society says we should relate. The meaning and significance of each bar, each metaphor, each hook, that’s what makes it special!

“This song is one of my personal favorites it represents The New age revolutions. When writing this song I got inspired by Queen Angela Davis and the entire Black Panther party I began to study the work of the party and realized that things are a lot different now days, so I made it a must to use catchy words that we use now days to make sure that the beat was up-tempo. I also wanted to use educated people names like Huey Newton and Angela Davis.” Yelz began to explain the significance of this song, and everything she explained to me made a whole lot of sense. This young female rapper was able to make me think about many issues in many different aspects as she explained. A down to earth soul is one of the greatest souls to vibe with; because other than leaving the conversation enlightened, with open ears and an open mind, you just may leave the conversation wiser than you arrived.

And as always I cannot leave a vibing session without asking a question that will leave fans with a positive message, so found my mind hungry. I found myself asking Yelz about her opinion of the “N” word and the use of the word in her song. Yelz answered ever so promptly “I use the ”N” word to redefine the “n” word I made that word not only apply to a certain race or gender. That word does not mean anything negative in that song. I’m not saying that you have to call each other that, but I am saying that in our generation it is a form of slang, it is not to put you down. If anything it is a word that we use now days to define someone who is you partner, co worker, friend most of the time, and that’s black or white, male or female.” As I grow I have learned that it’s not always about understanding, yet it is about understanding that everyone has an opinion, and with opinion comes a great way of thinking.  So I would like #TeamYelz to remember to enter any and every situation with an open and positive mind, because you may never know what you will leave that little situation with. It the Zack Taylor way of thinking. 

Kimistry blessed Team Yelz with this powerful yet very beautiful poem. Take a look!

” Humanity is not defined by
style of dress,
neighborhood lived in,
nor level of education
Humanity is not defined by
style of dress,
neighborhood lived in,
nor level of education
So in other words….


The idea that we have to follow the standard set for us by the oppressor in order to be viewed as human is ridiculous.
Standards that they themselves are not held to because they are the quote unquote “default”  being.
Any person of color preaching their message is merely Masas puppet.
It does not matter if you are outfitted in the best Neiman Marcus PHD from Harvard.
You are still a nigger.

So where my niggaz at?
My niggaz are
pants sagging hip hop blasting
on the way to pick up their grandmothers from dialysis
fresh off that double shift because their job is understaffing and underpaying
but they promised their little brothers they’d help him cop them new Jays
so they could stop getting teased at school

My niggaz are working in fast food
putting themselves through school

My niggaz are blowing kush clouds
out of the window of coupes 
while discussing plans
of being young entrepreneurs
with their niggaz.

My niggaz are sleeping one eye opened
with their fingers on the triggers because their 7 year old daughters asked
“Daddy we’re black so are the cops coming to kill us?”…..

My niggaz are hiding their brilliance
because colonization made them believe
that intelligence is measured by how well you speak english.

My niggaz are being given longer jail sentences with lesser crimes.

My niggaz are writing rhymes to escape hard times.

My niggaz are being profiled, frisked, laughed at yet mimicked.

But most surprising of all my niggaz, are being policed by other niggaz.

You know them
pull up your pants
go to college
speak proper english
New black
conscious with a K
Don Lemmons
AKA internally racist self hating ass niggaz.
Who rather support the system than uplift their niggaz

You all know em.
Stepping on other niggaz bragging about how they are growing. Speaking in oppressive tongues forgetting how that poison was forcefully woven into our roots.
Their truths are not our truths.
We have no business having our boots on each others backs.
Pants sagging or suits they could care less.
Only by uplifting, supporting and standing together will we ever begin to progress.

So… Where my niggaz at?

-kimistry (@dafalinangel) ”

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