ffvii: zeno: keyed

title: keyed
series: crisis core
prompt: n/a; zack/reno
notes: (03/16/2012; 414) for tenacitas; in which the little things are awfully telling

Three seconds. It takes three seconds too many for him to realize that Rude is staring, and Reno is about three ale too deep to really care. His hand curls over his keys lethargically, but they’ve been partners long enough that Rude humors it as a warning—however late and half-assed it might be. He averts his eyes, giving him the option of damage control should he want it, but Reno hasn’t had nearly enough to buy into that. Rude is an open book. He’s going to say his piece, regardless. Anything further, on his part, would only be justifying the attention. And besides, he has had just enough to feel dangerous. So he just grins and swirls the remaining liquid in his bottle.

“Gil for your thoughts, yo.”

Rude glances at him sideways, then again at his keys, then somewhere off into the distance. And Reno thinks, yeah, there are a few reasons why he never flashes them longer than it takes to pop the cap off a beer… not the least of which is to protect the kill-switch bypass on the ring, but also for the personal nature of what they are. And one, in particular, that cannot be explained away (in professional terms) to the likes of another Turk—not when it belongs to First Class quarters.

Not that he’d gone out of his way for it. Really, Fair had all but thrown the damned thing at him, laughing off what was a blatant security violation with some throw-away excuse like how ridiculous it was to think that a dead-bolt was going to keep a Turk out. And that Reno was free to “crash” anytime. Not that he ever did. Not when the SOLDIER was out of town, anyway. There was never a real reason to have it, but there was never a real reason to give it back either. So he kept it, like an obscure trophy… just the same as he imagines Zack still does, with his spare key.

Wherever or whatever condition that happens to be in.

It’s sentimental as fuck, no matter how you went about it, he supposes.

But Rude unexpectedly skips over that one and touches his apartment key, instead. “You should change your locks, you know,” he says, tactfully–because he recognizes it, Reno realizes. Because it hasn’t been re-keyed since Nibelheim… which was almost four years ago, now. Because…

Reno smiles bitterly into his drink. “I know.

zack has really cute, silly names for his friends on his phone:

  • cloud alternates between being ‘spiky head’, 'birdie’, ‘yellowbird✨’, ‘bae💖’, and 'chickadee💖’
  • riku is ‘ri’ or ‘komory bat boy’
  • sora is either 'simba child’ or 'lil monkey🐒’
  • angeal is 'pops’ (and for the record, that’s probably one of the sweetest aspects of zack and angeal’s relationship, because even though angeal essentially raised zack and is very much a father figure to him, zack never explicitly acknowledges him as his surrogate dad in conversation or even all that often in his head… but he does in his phone c:)
  • sephiroth is 'spehy’ (he was typing it in a hurry and didn’t care enough to go back and fix it)
  • genesis is 'faggotron9000’ (which, believe it or not, was highly approved by genesis himself)
  • kain jumps between being 'highwind’ and ‘dragoon boyfriend🐉’ (which is mostly a dumb, inappropriate inside joke between the two of them)
  • tifa is either 'bosswoman’ or 'mami🍹’ (and for the record, zack does call tifa ‘mami’ in conversation, quite often in fact)
  • aerith was 'my flower🌸’ for awhile, but after she and zack broke up for good, she’s gone to being simply 'aerith’
  • reno was 'turkish delight’ before their whole relationship went to shit, and omg dO YOU REALIZE HOW AWFUL THAT IS
  • roxas is 'thing one’ and ventus is 'thing two’ (i’m sure you can imagine how many times zack has confused himself with that)

technically tagged by kmahna​!!!

Name: hal elderitch
Nickname: i also go by cid or squall
Birthday: september 3
Star sign: virgo o:
Gender: none gender at all
Height: 5′ 4″ ish,..?
Sexual Orientation: ace as hell. although im beginning to think demi.

Favourite Colour: purple+black or purple+white
Average Hours of Sleep: usually about 5ish
Lucky Number: idk!!! either 13 or 9
Last Thing I Googled: “how do i see the last thing i googled” lol. but before that it was “scottish form of cait sidhe”
Happy Place: playing special interest games… 
Celebrity Crush: peter dinklage… um, the lead singer from billy talent i can’t stop thinking about his damn voice
Favourite Book: hm… dragon rider o:
Favourite band/Artist: billy… talent……..
Last Film I watched: one of the Cube movies??? some shitty horror film
Dream Trip: i want to go back to japan one day mostly. im not all that into travelling.
Dream Job: hhhHHH making videogames lol

I tag: im not good at taggin but if u want to then do it so i can learn more. oh ok zackrenos wants me to tag them