zackiel the bisharp

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Zack: Well, it's been a while since I've seen a Gardevoir aside from my mate. What a pretty shade of green you are. Pardonnez-moi, but we don't know each other, I'm Zack. What would you say your strongest moves are, just out of curiousity?

Victoria: Ohhh! hey hey! I’m Victoria, thanks, I think I’m a great shade of cabbage, too!

y’know, I kinda just filled up my moveset with heavy hitting moves like Hyper Beam and Moon Blast because I LOVE to make things BLOW UP.

So, Zack, a classy Gent like you’s got some class moves, right?

Miley’s colors surprisingly came out really nice!! I’d be interested to do a Bisharp evolution of her, I wonder what that would look like XD

And yeh Nyla’s crazy ._. At least Miley didn’t inherit the crazy. But she’s STILL every steel type parents nightmare, I mean geez, a baby with FLAMING blades? Nope.

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Zack@Freddy: I'm sorry to bother you, dude, but my teammate Rachel has been rather vicious lately and has been complaining about someone on your team named Gwen. What's up with the two?

Freddy pinched the area in between his eyes. “Ugh. Sorry about that Zack. From what Gwen told me: Rachael had called her a punk wannabe, and Gwen had told her ‘At least I don’t look like a roadey for Linking Park’. Rachael then called her a ‘fucking dwarf’ and the two had a bit of a tussle. So that would be why, my apologizes.”

He chuckled. “Though the two are kind of alike in more ways then one. Wouldn’t you agree?”


This was one great movie scene I had in mind, I thought it would fit these two very nicely. 

It was so much fun drawing the last panel, a Bisharp and Gardevoir cosplaying as Jack Sparrow, it suits them :D I gave Zack the belt and shirt, and Tori the hat and dreads because wynaut. Hope you liek it Bun


This is the result of when you give me the palette challenge and I decide to do it on my own. Now this is only the first set. I might do the other four I have left tomorrow, and I’ll post my second batch in a minute.

I practiced a lot of painting with these. The way I put these palettes to their respective OC is I wrote the name of my OCs on bits on paper and wrote the numbers 1-18 on other scrap pieces of paper. I shuffled the numbers and picked random ones for my OCs.