zackiel the bisharp

“D-don’t worry, I have seen the prices. I um, I have a card to pay with, and I understand if this takes a while to make, I just… I just want her to have something nice to wear once she comes to.

And, a-ah, I’m sorry to have brought  such…” she hesitates, “… um, d-dirty clothing, but I thought I would bring it as a reference and so you can test the feel of the silk. I want to make sure it’ll be just how she liked her older one, y-you understand, right, nene?”

The Bishtelle had seen that colour kimono before, and his mind somehow managed to remember one of his customers in similar, if not same, attire. It was awkward how he remembered that, but in this scenario it didn’t really change anything. He had another customer with an urgent order, and he heard the urgency in the little Audino hybrid’s voice.

“Ahh… yes, you absolutely may place the order, I’ll place it as top priority for you,” he said as calmly as he could, then gently taking the burnt and bloodied garment in his hands. “Thank you, I definitely will need this for remaking it,” 

He led Kari over to his counter to pay for the order, and as soon as she was gone, Zack went to work.

Hours would pass and Zack would still be working on this order. He knew it was important, as his mind had picked up on Kari’s frantic and almost saddened tone, as well as the story. He presumed something happened to the Gardevoir that owned the old kimono, and as such, had done his research on traditional Japanese dance kimonos. He figured out that the pattern on the old garment was in the incorrect placement, so with his fabric dye and brush, he corrected the mistake on the new, clean white fabric. After the sleeves were dyed the soft pink and dried, he sewed on the richer rose coloured sleeve trim, as well as the collar. 

The next morning, Zackiel came to add the finishing touches, hanging the final, finished product on a rack.

The fabric was smooth, freshly ironed, and had but a wrinkle, ready to be picked up by the little hybrid from the afternoon before.

themarquisboutique  asked:

Zack: Well, it's been a while since I've seen a Gardevoir aside from my mate. What a pretty shade of green you are. Pardonnez-moi, but we don't know each other, I'm Zack. What would you say your strongest moves are, just out of curiousity?

Victoria: Ohhh! hey hey! I’m Victoria, thanks, I think I’m a great shade of cabbage, too!

y’know, I kinda just filled up my moveset with heavy hitting moves like Hyper Beam and Moon Blast because I LOVE to make things BLOW UP.

So, Zack, a classy Gent like you’s got some class moves, right?

Miley’s colors surprisingly came out really nice!! I’d be interested to do a Bisharp evolution of her, I wonder what that would look like XD

And yeh Nyla’s crazy ._. At least Miley didn’t inherit the crazy. But she’s STILL every steel type parents nightmare, I mean geez, a baby with FLAMING blades? Nope.

themarquisboutique  asked:

Zack@Freddy: I'm sorry to bother you, dude, but my teammate Rachel has been rather vicious lately and has been complaining about someone on your team named Gwen. What's up with the two?

Freddy pinched the area in between his eyes. “Ugh. Sorry about that Zack. From what Gwen told me: Rachael had called her a punk wannabe, and Gwen had told her ‘At least I don’t look like a roadey for Linking Park’. Rachael then called her a ‘fucking dwarf’ and the two had a bit of a tussle. So that would be why, my apologizes.”

He chuckled. “Though the two are kind of alike in more ways then one. Wouldn’t you agree?”