anonymous asked:

What's the #zackattack thing? ;-;

Haha, well it started with this picture of Zack from behind the scenes of Batman v Superman: 

And then it just blew up on twitter. People copied and pasted that image of him into a bunch of stuff. Here are some of them:

And it was just really funny. Also, it seems that Zack is aware of the meme

so that kind of just makes it funnier.

i’m going to make some gifs of that shower scene again tomorrow and it’s going to be so fun because slowing shit down makes everything better. and probably after that start to get ready to go back to school on the 4th for my second year of economics, which supposedly is fucking horrible and i’ll probably fail something, but i don’t fucking care because zach rance gives me strength, but not in a creepy way. i don’t even know anymore.