How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks? You start with the urban legends that have sprung up in his wake. All of the friends of a friend who claimed to have seen him. For some, he was a guardian angel. For others, a cipher; a ghost who never quite fit in. As you work your way back in time, the stories begin to form a pattern. - Man of Steel (2013) dir. Zack Snyder

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What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR?

VideoLab attempts to turn back time and restore the natural color & brightness in shots from DC/Warner’s Man of Steel.


Henry Cavill:  You can’t act your way into a six-pack. You have to put the work in the gym. (Press Junket)

Charles Roven (Producer):  It’s amazing what he turned his body into. He’s so muscular, with so little body fat.  He already had a great physique, but he turned it into something super for this film. (Press Junket)

Mark Twight (Trainer):  Henry wanted his body to look the same outside the suit as when he was wearing it. He didn’t need any body makeup for the scenes where he had his shirt off because he had done the work and he wanted that work to be shown. (Press Junket)