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Last night I discussed Agents of SHIELD’s Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider origin episode on AfterBuzz TV’s AOS Wrap-up show! You can watch it here!

Thanks to Megan Salinas, Zack Wilson & Matt Liberman for having me on the show! I had a blast!

New Master List

Including: Requests written by me, requests written by other writers, what requests are taken by others, requests yet to be written. GET AFTER IT

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A short doc of Ryan Gosling & Zack Shield’s band “Dead Man’s Bones” for their talent/freak show at the Le Passion Rouge in NYC. They’re seriously one of my favorite bands.


Great couple. Want them back

I was floating above my bed,
Like a body in a river, in car.
And the only sound in my head
was a dying cricket in a jar.
And I saw little beams of light
come into the bedroom,
from underneath the door.
And they crawled under my sheets,
and they came out of every single pore.

Dead Man’s Bones - Flowers grow out of my grave

i’m really enchanted by Dead Man’s songs… Can’t explain why but I can’t stop listening to them