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{x“Weightless I think is about not wanting to grow up and just wanting to be a kid….It’s really great to record in different places and not be stuck in the same room for two or three months.” - Jack

“The song is really about feeling you’re run down, and um, everyone’s stepping all over you. But it’s kind of coming out of that, taking hold and realizing you have control over your own fate…Its so honest about how I felt at the time. It’s probably one of the best reactions to a new song we’ve ever had. It’s something we’ve never gotten to do before…I feel it really had a significant impact on the record…It just kind of kept everybody on their toes.”  - Alex

“Weightless, I’m so happy with it. I’m so happy we released that one first….On this record we had no time to actually sit at home and actually write the songs together as a group. It was more like a ‘each-individual’ act for out on the road. We went in with like, what, five or six different producers? Going with different producers you kind of get a break and a fresh start.” - Rian

“It’s just a very personal song and I think kids really react to that. It’s brings the f*cking rock and I think that’s about all that matters.” - Zack

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